Write For Us

Write For Us:

Write for us, Talking Christianity welcomes original submissions of Christian based articles dealing on issues of faith, politics, education, news etc.

We want to publish concise, well-written, first-person thoughts, ideas and reflections from a diverse group of Christian believers seeking to live and share their faith, especially with Christians all over the world.

Also we want to publish viewpoints from authors who will edify our audience – a diverse group of mostly Christian believers seeking to live and share their faith, especially in this generation the modern mores have become engagement in filthy things.

We are interested in publishing articles and stories from any believer reflecting and inculcating faith filled practices and disciple. Articles that will help induce the right mindset in the Christian youthful believers. If you are in this category please do forward your article(s) for consideration and publishing.

However, authors are not expected to be perfect or provide final answers to readers. Talking Christianity is a place on the Internet where we are growing together in faith. Therefore, do not hesitate to be part of this movement. Remember, the message you have cannot make sense, change life, affects people’s mindset until it is released. Someone’s heart has been prepared to receive your message don’t keep it to yourself.

Talking Christianity welcome posts that fit the following criteria:

  • Between 600-800 words
  • A based on true life stories of childhood experience while growing in your church
  • Teaching and sermons based on how we can enhance Christian doctrines
  • Articles reflecting the participation of Christians in politics from the Christians perspective
  • Entertainment article encouraging our youths to grow their faith in Christ

Our Requirements:

If you have published something elsewhere on the Internet that meets the above criteria which you would like us to consider for republication, we welcome an inquiry and link to the original publication. Talking Christianity will be glad to receive your articles but be informed that before publication such article is likely to go through editing. And if you didn’t hear from us after two weeks of posting your article consider it that your article didn’t meet our stipulated guidelines.

To submit your article(s) please use this email address: [email protected] . Include your contacts and website if any while submitting your article(s).