Wrong Location:

Wrong LocationWrong location can be linked to major cause of failure in people’s life. Sometime, someone can be filled with all the needed talents and creativity to make life better but inasmuch as he/she is in a location success will be far from him/her. The effect of being in a wrong location can be seen in the life of Abraham as state below.

“Now the Lord said to Abram,” Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you”

(Genesis 12:1).

It took God’s intervention to take Abraham from his wrong location to a place that is better and there he was able to get things done.

However, God created you for a purpose and the purpose is His will. And He is the one to decide how, when and where His will should be carried out by you. Sometimes you might be doing the right thing but it is being done in a wrong location. And it will be as if you are in a wrong profession. As long as you continue knowingly or unknowingly to stay in that place, certainly you may not have any glory to show from what you are doing.  Paul understood this well, that preaching Christ among the Jews will be of no benefit to him and to Christ.  As a result, He immediately switched over to the Gentiles who were yearning for his gospel.

Wrong Location Is Not According To God’s Plan:

There is always our place of location. God will only prove his worth in our lives greatly when we are in that right place He asked us to be. Jonah was a prophet, but he was not called to the Jews. Rather, God ordained him a prophet for the sake of the people of Nineveh. So through him, the people of Nineveh might be saved. One thing is very clear, and that is, if you have found yourself in the right location, it might not be your home land, even your continent. But from that location you can move round the world speaking and preaching the word of God. The power of God can only move in our lives when we are found to be in the right place.

This factor has made many people today to achieve below their capacity. Sometimes we desire to be in a place that is well developed, where all the necessary amenities are available. That is a place where we think is the best place for us. We don’t like to start from unknown place and scratch from the ground before we can get to the top. A place where there are no influential people that we can rub shoulders with. Most people do forget one thing, that God who created us knows us better than we do know ourselves. He knows our capacity, the inherent power that He deposited in us and therefore if God calls let’s to go. He knows that already He has given us everything that we may need for the mission.

God Knows You Better:

God knows that you are the one to start or plant and build the Church. He knows that you have all that it takes. He is not seeing your physical appearance or your educational standard. And He knows that you are big in the inside. Just that the problem you are having is the location. Oh! It is somewhere in the dark world. Therefore, it is not God talking to me, it is just Satan that wants to deprive me of the happiness that I’m enjoying in my present location, and the thought can go on and on.

But the question to answer is this: “Who matters?”  Is it the location or He that is sending you? It is important that we should not allow the things that the eyes can see to shift us away from the glory God wants to bestow on us. In fact, trying to carrying out feasible studies about the place is just a wrong step. These things do not count. Rather, He that is sending you is what matters.

He knows that you are a powerful instrument to be used in causing a radical change in the spiritual realm of the area that He sends you to. Such changes manifest in the physical realm to cause powerful transformations in the lives of the people in that area. It is obvious that planting a church can lead to planting a Christian missionary school. And the products of such a school will be educated men and women.

Do You Reject God’s Appointment:

God knows that you are a source of development. That is why He is sending you there. A very thorough survey of events over the years has revealed that most of the advancements and development in several countries of the world have been as a result of the movements of the missionaries from one country to another. The missionaries that brought the message of salvation in these countries did not just preach salvation; they also established institutions and organizations through their God given initiatives.

Evidence on ground has proved that most of the areas that the message of salvation has not gone to are yet to see the light of development and the areas that have seen development is because a few individuals took a bold stand and set out to preach the Good News in those areas. These individuals must have done their quarter but much greater works are there to be accomplished. It is left for the people around in this present age to continue from where they have stopped. This will be made possible if ever we can leave our comfort zones. It is important to these places that are still in the dark physically and spiritually. This is why God calls us the light of the world.

Light Brings Development:

The areas that have received light need no light because light cannot shine in the light but in the dark. If light tries to shine in the light it will not be noticed by people. Moreover, the intensity of its light will not be evaluated unless it shines in the dark. It is only when light shines in the dark that one can comprehend how bright it is. So also, you cannot understand how much you are blessed when you stay around people that are blessed. When you leave that horizon and move to a horizon that is not blessed, and as you release your blessings, you will discover how much God has blessed you. Many cannot appreciate how healthy they are, unless they pay a visit to a hospital.

And many will not understand how rich they are unless they come in contact with someone who is wretched. So in the same way you will not know that the gift of healing is in you unless you release it upon a sick person. When you stay around healthy people, such a gift will be inactive because they do not need it at all. There is no way you can teach someone who already knows something. You can only teach people who do not know, and that is when you will know that you have that knowledge in you. So, wherever God is taking us to, let us know that we are needed there.

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