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Source of Security:

Source of Security Source of protection – Absence of security in the life of any living thing on this earth makes existence meaningless. No living thing ever enjoys being vulnerable in the days of excoriating forces from invaders. Living things don’t like their territories to be subjugated and make the occupants slaves, miserable and even exterminate them. This characteristic tickles down from the biggest mammals to tiny living things everywhere. They like having some kind of security antics or measures to make sure their enclave or domain is protected. This will of course enhance lasting generations of their kind or specie. The lack of security would mean they will be wiped out from the face of the earth by hungry predators.

Evidences have shown that many living things have gone into extinction. This takes place not necessarily because they could not survive on the earth. But because some other living things that were more powerful than them hunted and ate them up. The resultant effect of this is that they are no more to be found. This happened because they had little or no security to protect their lives.

The quest for protection is ideal and human. Protection is a necessity, and therefore, man cannot do without it. In view of this, security should be seen as a right to every living thing and not just a concept. We have seen from some ideas coming from many quarters that most of the living things that are vulnerable should be protected. If not we will have a situation where many of them will go into extinction.

Source of Security Vital:

This of course means that the service or benefits derived from them will no longer be there. For this reason many organizations and countries have enacted some laws forbidding the hunting of these living things. This measure is being put in place to ensure their protection from attackers.

Be that as it may, the truth remains that we all need to be protected. Not just from other living things, but also from harsh weather and all environmental maladies that occur once in a while. The devastating effects of these natural disasters unleash grievous harms on the living things. Statistics have shown that records of deaths and damages incurred from natural disasters are always on the high side. This is just to show how much important security is as it relates to the living things and the environment.

In spite of all the measures that have been applied in order to ensure security among all the living things, man still seems to be more vulnerable and insecure in all. From the ancient times till this present day, man has devised so many measures to guarantee his security. But as things continue to unfold, many lapses are discovered from those measures or devises. Suddenly these measures and devises are seen as obsolete or weak in the process. The failure of all these devises opened up an option for man to continuously search for security and protection from a divine power or an unknown entity somewhere to cover him up.

Sourcing Security:

One can only seek for protection from the available source(s) that one is aware of. This is because if there are sources and you do not know about them, there is no way you can seek for protection from them. It implies that the protection deal is done with the consent of both parties. This is after they must have agreed on the terms. Notice that coming to terms is the most effective thing that activates protection from any source. That is to say that if the terms are stiff to the one seeking for the protection, he/she might decide to opt out of the deal.

In that case one may have sources of protection everywhere around him or her but for the fact that their terms could not go down well with him or her, one decides not to go for their service(s). For this reason we have people seeking for protection from various sources. Therefore, it is understandable that no matter the kind of protection it must originate from the two Kingdoms that are in existence here on earth.

The Two Kingdoms Involvement:

There are two Kingdoms here on earth, the Kingdom of darkness, and the Kingdom of the Light. At any given time one is occupying a place in one of the Kingdoms, and dual citizenship is not allowed. It’s a reality that each offers protection to their citizens, but what matters here is the authenticity of the protection. The evaluation of the security is very important because it help to unveil the capacity of the security. This can be done by evaluating the people that are under the influence of the power of darkness, what kind of protection they get.  Also likewise the people that belong to the Kingdom of the Light, and the kind of protection they get. This makes the difference.

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