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Important Things:

Important ThingsImportant things – In every covenant or testament, there must be a seal or something that powers the covenant. In the old order, the covenant is powered by the blood of animals. And in the current dispensation the covenant is being powered by the blood of the Man Christ. The stories and events that took place right from Genesis through revelation are just pointing to one Man.

The Old Testament is called the Scriptures or mysteries. This is because most things are not plainly revealed as in the New Testament. Therefore, suffice it to say that the Old Testament is called the Scriptures or Mysteries and the New Testament is called the Revelation. This means that the New Testament reveals the Old Testament.

It shows that for one to really understand the Scriptures and their purposes one has to view them through the eyes of the New Testament. Notice in 2 Timothy 3:16-17, how the Scriptures came about and the reason why they are written are vividly detailed out. It clearly states that the Scriptures are given by inspiration of God. The Greek word translated inspiration of God is theopneustos. Which means divinely breathed in. Notice that it says all not some; the term “All Scripture” in Greek means Pas Graphe. It implies all the holy or sacred writing. That is to say “All the holy writings are given by the divinely breathe of God”. This is as confirmed by Apostle Peter in 2 Peter 2:21.

Important Purposes Of The Scriptures:

It went on to explain to us the purposes or the profits which are three of four of the things listed. Firstly it talks about doctrine; the Greek word translated doctrine is didaskalia. It could mean instruction or (information), learning and teaching. This shows that all the Scriptures are useful spiritual tools to teach believers and other people spiritual things only. Again it means, believers can only learn anything about God and all things concerning God from the Scriptures. The Scriptures therefore, stand as the only legal and spiritual documents that should be used to instill the knowledge of God in the believers.

As a result, any ideology that should permeate the minds of the believer must be in lines with what the Scriptures say. If anything is seen as false or delusion it should not be condone among the believers. This is important because it’s from the doctrines the believers are going to be profiting in the areas of reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness.

So what is reproof? The Greek translated reproof is elegchos meaning conviction or evidence. That is to say that the doctrines drawn from the Scriptures are capable of convicting or having the evidence. The evidence to proof that one’s believe on a particular thing is wrong and could be made right. Notice, one can only align oneself to the stand of the Scriptures as regards to belief and situations in life. If one’s experience isn’t in line with what the Scriptures say he has to throw his experience away. Then get along with what the Scriptures say.

The Believer Should Study The Scripture:

Important ThingsNow, this is why it is very important for a believer to always study the Scriptures and be able to rightly dividing the word of truth, 2 Timothy 2:15. This helps a believer to be able to draw a borderline between false and true doctrine. The conviction in his heart will lead him to take a particular stand.

Meanwhile, let’s look at the word correction; the Greek word translated correction is epanorthosis. Also it could mean the following: a straightening up again, rectification or reformation. This indicates that the teachings from the Scriptures are used to straighten the life of the believers. This suggests that a believer’s lifestyle should be a thing sourced out of the teachings of the Scriptures. He should not display a contrary life that does not depict what the Scriptures say. The Scriptures should be seen written all over the believer, 2 Corinthians 3:2. And this is the very essential aim of teaching the Scriptures to the believers.

However,  let’s see what the meaning of the term instruction in righteousness is.  Here the Greek word translated instruction is paideia which implies tutorage, education or training. It can also be used in a disciplinary form. The Greek word translated righteousness is dikaiosune. It means equity as in character and justification as regards to a Christians setting. This shows that the doctrines dispense from the Scriptures can be used to educate the believer how to live rightly in the public and religious settings as suggested in 1Timothy 3:15 and 2 Timothy 3:17.


So, while studying the Scriptures, the above are the things a believer should be targeting from the pages of the Scriptures. Notice from learning the doctrines the believers will be reproved, corrected and instructed in righteous living. When such is received, he or she will definitely be equipped in doing good works.

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