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God Does Not Answer Prayers:

God does not answer prayers. The caption of this write up may surprise many especially among the ranks of believers. Interestingly, the notion or teaching that has prevailed for many years is that if there’s a situation a believer is expected to pray to God. So imaginary concept is that we have a God who is sitting at a place and He is always ready to receive and answer the prayers of people. So when one prays to God, he expects that God will answer his or her prayer pending on how the prayer is presented. As a result many go to God who they have imagined to be in one particular ‘glorious place’. While praying they have to mind their choice of words. It is expected that people who pray to God should use sanctimonious words.

This makes them to appear very humble and righteous before God. Lobbying God by means such as crying or showing intense remorse is allowed while praying. These lobbying tools can help someone penetrate the heart of God and get what he wanted. In case crying and rolling on the ground is not getting God’s attention, one can add fasting to it. That is one can go without food as many days as he desires. Sometimes, it requires that one should seclude oneself to a deserted place like mountain. At least it will make God to look in his direction and say ‘oh my son has ‘suffered’ so much take your heart desire’.

God Does Not Answer Prayers Because Of The Way It Is prayed:

Somehow, most prayers prayed in this manner receives answer. Those who are involved will presume that it was because of their crying and wailing God answered them. And those who went to mountains will believe that it’s because they have gone to the mountain God answered their prayers. Also, in many cases such prayers are not answered even though they have cried and wailed. For such unanswered prayer, it is assumed that the people involve have not prayed according to God’s will.

So if the prayer is not prayed in line with the will of God, there’s no way it could be answered. Therefore, the assumption is that sometimes the will of God blocks people from getting answers from God. So after so much crying, wailing, fasting and even giving arms to the needy God’s will still block their prayers. This has portrayed God as a being that can’t be understood. Also, this makes prayer to be like a guess work, that we don’t really know if God will answer but let’s try. Hence the application of the lobbying tools or gimmicks to help ingratiate people into God’s heart.

The Misunderstanding About God:

God Dose Not Answer PrayerBut didn’t bible say that God heard the cry of children of Israel? So why is He finding it difficult to hear ours in this time? Then is like God is a discriminating in His response to people? He answers some people at one time and at the other time, he refused to answer others. This God must be an unstable God! Well, the truth is that God is not answering prayers. If one goes to God in prayer and after much chattering he receives his answer, it doesn’t mean that God answered him instantly as he prayed.

This would mean that God can react. If God can react it means He is not God. Therefore, the situation is that God has been misunderstood. We need to understand who God really is in order to know Him better. This is very vital especially as regards to prayer. When the character of God is well understood in the areas of prayer, believers who pray will be assured that their prayer is not otiose activity.

It is important to state that someone can only be understood by the description he has given to himself. Nobody can describe you better than you. Candidly enough, someone’s description is definitely tied to the personality/disposition he displays and his structure. A proper understanding of someone’s character creates a better room on how to engage him. For instant if someone is prone to anger, people who have understood him will know how to engage him any time the need arises. Again, if someone is a giver, any needy who understood this character of his will easily approach him for help without doubting if he will render the help or not.

God’ Character Matters:

However, one of the characters of God is that He is Omniscient. This implies that He is all knowing. He knows everything that happens and the things that will happen in millions and trillions of years to come. Therefore, God can be tagged as a being that is not limited in knowledge. In this case, one can confidently say that nothing happens above or beneath without God’s consent. Let’s see how the book of Isaiah described God below.

“Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.”

Isaiah 46:10

God declares the end from the beginning. That is He knows how any situation will end before it starts.

To be continued.

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