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The Darkness:

The DarknessThe darkness that fell upon the face of the earth was the worst thing that happened to the earth. If the earth was formless without the darkness, it would have been easy to comprehend the situation of the earth. Then rightly know what to do in order to correct the glitch that had taken place. At the same time if the earth was empty or void as the case was, without the presence of the darkness, to fill the earth with whatever structure or features would never be a sticky situation for God.

Without a doubt one can say that the major prevailing situation that hindered the hand of God from demonstrating the creative aptitude that God had was darkness. Note that this darkness was not from God. It was an occupying force; therefore it was a product of an outside force (natural). As a result it needed to be taken away for the creative dexterity of God to manifest. Because there is no way darkness can work in consonant with God’s power of creation.

The Darkness God’s Reaction:

Therefore, God disliked this darkness, because it was the hesitant that needed to be dealt with. That is before anything could be done on the face of the earth. It will be interesting to know that God did not keep silent. God did not start mourning that what He had put together was inhabited by darkness. But without much ado God immediately went into action to correct the anomaly that had taken place. Another point we should hold on is that God didn’t go looking for solution or remedy from an outside force.

This is because He knew that an outside force cannot bring the answer to a chaos caused by it. So God called an inside force (Supernatural) that resided inside Him to stop the devastating effect of the darkness. It’s important for us to note that this innate force that God called cannot be separated from God. This is because it is God Himself.

However, it’s imperative to say that at this point in time, it was only God who had what was needed to bring solution to the situation at hand. If an outside force was applied, the darkness would not vanish or be subjected to it. In order to outwit the darkness, no greater means or force outside that was stronger to do so. The situation is still the same even now. No doubt that wherever darkness rules every other instrument remains under its power and control. The condition will definitely remain so until a force of light comes into being.

 What the Darkness Stands for:

 “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep.”

Genesis 1:2a


It is apt to say that the darkness God saw was an outside force. It did not come from God. However, the darkness is a domineering force, which comes to dominate what God has put together. It is an opposing force, which opposes the will of God. It is a standing force that works against God and everything God does. Darkness is evil. And in the real sense of it all, evil is the nature of this darkness.

Apparently, it will be right to say that, ‘God looked upon the face of the earth and He discovered that EVIL had besieged the earth. The outside force represented evil, and God cannot associate with evil. There is no evil where God dwells. Therefore, it wasn’t God’s idea that evil should occupy the earth. The darkness came into being because the earth was formless and empty. This is applicable to humans who have made themselves void of the word of God. Since the word of God isn’t occupying a place in them, the words of devil will establish itself in them.

Light Brought Salvation To Earth:

The darknessGod is saying no way, that evil cannot be given a chance to occupy any of His creation. Therefore, the earth had to be organized and be filled with God’s creation. But before that could take place, the darkness that had occupied the earth had to be taken away. It wasn’t just right for God to start doing anything in the presence of the darkness. That would have become a disaster because the darkness that was upon the face of the earth was certainly going to pollute God’s creation.

The above action that God took is applicable or can be called salvation of the earth. The salvation here is not just talking about the earth but the occupants of the earth. Notice that if God didn’t take the action the earth would have continued to be in darkness. And if that continued to be the case, Man and other creatures created by God wouldn’t have come into being. Simply put, what happened in Genesis chapter one isn’t really about the earth but about man and other creatures.

Some Basic Facts about This Darkness:

Firstly, the presence of the darkness on the face of the earth was not the making of God. Secondly, the darkness was not from God, it was caused by an outside force. This means its foundation was not divine. Thirdly since its foundation is not of the divine it is of the devil. The fourth thing to consider is that this darkness was symbolic to disobedience.  This is because it was meant to work in opposite direction to the commandment of God. Therefore, it opposed God’s decision and everything that had to do with God. It sought recognition and wanted its presence to be noticed any time. We would be right to call this darkness evil. The last but not the least is that, this darkness was a place.

Therefore, inasmuch as it considered being a place, it means that it has inhabitants. The inhabitants are called the citizens of darkness. Where there is darkness there is no light. The only remedy to darkness is light and when light comes, darkness gives way. The only force that will liberate the citizens of darkness is light. When the heart an individual is occupied by darkness, to set that heart free, light must come into it. And when light comes, darkness vanishes from his heart and the man is free! This is what happened to the earth when the light from God came into it.

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Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu is the Pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l. He has authored many books and he’s behind several online Christian articles. Don’t miss the next topic.

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