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Before Taking the Step:

Before talking the stepBefore taking the step to migrate from your country to another there are basic things you must put in place. Many people who migrate out of Sub-Saharan country do that as the last resort to escape out of poverty. Some do migrate because they needed better and conducive environment to live and exercise their human freedom. However, there have been many unfortunate situations many returned migrants have experienced because they didn’t put their house in order before taking the step out of their shores.

Below are the probable things an intending migrant should put in place before considering taking the step out his country. These things are very important because many who didn’t consider putting in place have returned into a troubled boat that is ready to capsize. Negligence to these very factors has caused severe heart breaks, financial instability and family issues.

Before Taking The Step Avoid Borrowing Of Money With Interest:

At the hit of passion migration is seen as the last resort. Therefore, if care is not taking anything can happen in order to make it possible. Most people can go to any length to see that their migration is made possible. Borrowing money with interest on top is one of the options people do consider. This option has landed many returned and vulnerable migrants into deep financial mess. Over the years, what many fail to understand is that migration is not a surety to a rosy life. In most cases, many who got to their final destination do have immigration problem. The outcome has always been repatriation.

The reality is that, that someone is repatriated doesn’t mean that debt will be forgiven. On the other hand, so many who succeeded in landing in their destination country without immigration problem do find it difficult in getting good jobs. Again, without good jobs it is hard to make money enough to pay the debt back home. Hence the interest on the principal amount continues to accrue higher. The best alternative is to sell one’s property and whatever happens on the way will become a personal lost. Definitely, personal lost is easy to bear than having external debt on one’s neck. In the same vein, if the money to migrate is not available or complete, do not force yourself to make the journey. Think wisely before talking the step.

Don’t Avoid Having A Bank Account:

The worse mistake an intending migrant will make is leaving the shores of his country without having a bank account. Having a credible and functioning bank account should be one of the top priorities of an intending migrant. The mistake of not having a credible and functioning bank account has led to family fracas. The trust of many returned migrants has been betrayed by most members of their families. They got disappointed that the monies they are transferring home to any of their relatives have been misappropriated. This has led to killings and litigations in many families. Therefore, having a bank account where one’s monies will be lodged is far better than having family issues. However, this is not to suggest that migrants shouldn’t help their family members. But it is better to think wisely in this direction before taking the step.

Do Not Make Marriage Proposals/Engagement Before Taking The Step:

If you are not married and you want to migrate to another country please do not make marriage proposal or engagement before taking the step. Migration is something one doesn’t really control over. It is not really in your hand to decide how your journey will be. The reality is that it may take you longer than you expected. Therefore, it will amount to great waste of time on the side of the person you have promised to marry.

Also, it is important to state that sometimes, somehow, most returned migrant do not get along with the person they have promised to marry. This is could be as a result of change in taste and desires which is synonymous with human nature. Therefore, to avoid breaking someone’s heart, avoid marriage proposal and engagement. The result of this in most cases is that guests at wedding ceremonies are being poisoned because one of the couples has broken the heart of another person.

Do Not Make Your Journey With Stolen Money:

As an intending migrant, one thing you should avoid is the craving and the tendency to steal money from someone in order to make your journey. You must make sure you have financial clean slate before taking the step out of your country. Taking someone’s money to make your journey will definitely result into some litigations and sometimes family skirmishes. The backlash involve in this is that the members of your family or friends as the case maybe won’t be at peace because of your action. Another side effect is that the money stolen is for someone’s business and eventually it will affect his business. Therefore, as many that are dependent of him will have to suffer the negative impact of your action. You don’t have to destroy the life of another in order to prosper yours. Think about this, even before taking the step!


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