Why Such Societal Moral Depletion? – Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Societal Moral Depletion:

Societal Moral DepletionSocietal moral depletion – it’s indeed a sorry state that there is total depletion of moral conduct in our society. Everybody is doing whatever he likes to the detriment of anybody and nobody cares, even the ones in charge of these things.

One would begin to wonder where we’re heading to, given that it wasn’t the way it was some decades back. Where are the moral values of our society? It is hard to believe that our norms and regulations are fast vanishing and obliterated from our system. We don’t have respect and regards to our co-operate existence again.

We are fast losing ourselves to the so-called western/modern life. Even in western countries, things are not done this way because they somehow respect and have regards for human dignity.

It is obvious in western nations that you cannot offer a cup of beer to a child that is not up eighteen years of age. But here even under age and minors take beer and go to parties and disco halls with ease. In western countries there is a difference between stage dresses and cooperate wears. But here everybody puts on whatever he/she likes and goes wherever he/she pleases without observing the rules.

When you are walking along the road and streets, you don’t know whether to blind fold your eyes. This is because women who are almost nude are everywhere staring at one. It happens in such a way that it will be very difficult for one to look around freely.

Societal Moral Depletion In Every Circuit:

They are there in the banks, the markets and even plenty of them in the Churches. So you are so much constrained while living in a society where you are supposed to be free, just because of the kind of profane wears people are putting on.

Some years back, it wasn’t out of place to find people bragging and hitting their chest to say, “We don’t do so and so in our community, it is an abomination”. If you tried to lure someone into some dirty deals his reaction and question would be, “Do you want me to soil the name of my family?” Making sure that the name of your family and esteem is maintained and kept on a clean slate was the ultimate goal of the members of each family.

No one ever wanted to be the one to bring shame and drag the name of his or her family to the mud. Instead one would see people working hard to see that the name of their families was being uplifted. And they would also make sure that they were responsible for that.

The Depth Of Moral Decadent:

Gone are the days when families set standards that were very unique and the children of such families were known for the trait that had been engraved and enshrined in their system, in a way that one could very easily distinguish them in the public. Gone are the days when communities were known for their will power to expunge evil.

Where community leaders and heads were seriously committed in seeing that the sanctity and limpidness of the land was held in high esteem! Gone are the days in our communities that people who paraded their ill-gotten wealth weren’t honoured with any traditional title!

Gone are the days, when people worked in public sectors with respect to the laws and ethics guiding the job. When people worked to beat the good records of their predecessors in office! And gone are the days when politicians worked with their manifestos and made sure that the promises made to people during their campaign were fulfilled on assuming office!

Again, the days when politicians would resign because they felt that their image and reputation had been dented are gone. The days when politicians get disappointment from someone who was supposed to handle an issue that was linked to them mess it up have gone into oblivion! The day when the presence of a man of God in a gathering was seen as a symbol of authority is gone.

The Church Is Not Spared:

In those days, people dared not misbehave; because men of God dealt with issues decisively. The men of God in those days made sure that the Word of truth was rightly divided. Also in those days men of God feared God and gave their audience the right Word! It’s not out place in those the days to hear that offering from some individuals weren’t accepted in the offering box. This was because the Church authority judged that such individuals had questionable characters!

These things are cropping up in our society today because people who are in leadership positions have become so petty in exercising their leadership roles. So we find things falling apart in all facets.

Society Moral Depletion – Leadership Failure:

Leadership is a characteristic that is found in every biological animal created by God. It was embedded in them by their Creator as an innate factor in order for them to maintain orderliness. Also, for them to have the ability to have control over situations around them. Therefore, leadership is made possible in everything that we see around and man’s case is not an exception.

Man and his leadership role starts from his nuclear family setting. Once a man gets married and starts bearing children, automatically by responsibility he becomes the leader of the family. As a matter of necessity he has to immediately get into action to draw standard for his family to follow. This standard or pattern becomes the unique moral instructions that will be coming from the parents to their children.

These moral instructions might be very distinct in their nature from family to family. The quality of moral instructions delivered to each family by their leaders will bear fruits in the lives of the members of the family in question. And such fruits will become the yardstick in measuring the level of morality in the family. The efficacy and genuineness of the moral instructions depend wholly on the itinerary of the moral instructions. This is considering the fact that a snake will always give birth to a snake. In a situation where the case is not so, then something went wrong along the line.

Child Upbringing:

A child will start learning how to behave like a human being from his parents. He does this by observing and imitating his parents in whatever they do. Moral instructions are educational in their nature. And often than not, it will require a physical element to help drive it into the heart of a child. This is because if the rod is spared the child will be spoilt. So the child starts learning the dos and the dons of the family, which are not in any way classified with what is obtainable in another family.

Therefore, it is not out of place to find a child saying my father said, “It is wrong to do this or that,” with all faithfulness and assurance. What such a child means is that whatever was said by his father is the right thing. Obviously, the child will start selling or marketing the instructions that he has received from his parents to other children. He does that because he believes in his parents. Though sometimes what they’re selling to other children might be very embarrassing when compared to what is obtainable elsewhere.

At this point, family values have been instilled in the life of the child in question. And if given proper guidance, the child will certainly grow up with these values or family standard. This can happen when the parents of the child have successfully interpreted their leadership role in the child’s life. The reverse is the case when parents fail to establish a standard for their children to follow.

Sources Of Moral Instruction:

The reality is that such children will learn moral instructions from second-handed parents in the street. And in most cases such instructions will not create the right attitude in the life of such children. So we find a situation where children are lost in the street. This is because their parents have failed to play their leadership role in their lives. In a family without leadership the bond of the family is shattered. And in this case, we find children emanating from houses and not from homes and manifesting themselves into the society without character and orderliness.

Culled from the book “The Aberrations” Written by Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

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Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu is the Pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l. He has authored many books and he’s behind several online Christian articles. Don’t miss the next topic.

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