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Love, Working With This Truth:

Love, Working With This TruthLove, working with this truth – The verse below indicates that every human being on this planet earth is a debtor. Whether you accept it or not, you owe your fellow humans a very credible and unavoidable debt, and that is to love them.

“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law”

Romans 13:8


Though, this statement may look stupid to some people. But it is a pure truth that if accepted, will go a long way in creating an atmosphere which is conducive for humans to abode. This debt is not the kind that one can decide to pay once and for all. No, it is a daily routine for each one of us, a continuous process till the day we have the last breath.

On one hand, the verse freely expresses or details out what the bond of all human engagement should be. It shows that in whatever we find ourselves doing, as a matter of fact “love” should be its foundation it. And anything outside this would mean working against the law. The statement demonstrates that when we work with this truth in our lives, definitely we have fulfilled the law. This shows that the paucity of this in all human activities is the reason for antagonism and situations of such.

Love, Working with This Truth Is all Encompassing:

Again, in working with this truth, it is not talking about self, the statement is anti-self. The verse ignores individualism totally on one hand; while on the other hand, it highly promotes oneness with each other. The issue of primary concern is ‘how we can be better’ not ‘how I can be better’. Here, each and every one is made a giver and not a taker. That is why we are asked to reciprocate the same gesture. This is so that at the end, we will have a perfect society that’s overshadowed with love, by eliminating evil.

What We Stand to Gain in Obeying And Working With This Truth:

If the scriptural injunction in Romans 13:8 is duly followed in a way that it permeates the fabrics of our moral lives, it will translate the world to a pedestal on which peace will become the pivot. Peace will become a universal language that will be interpreted and accepted by every human being on this planet earth. That is to say that there will be no more war and bitterness. Rancor will go into extinction and poverty will be eradicated among people. All nations will definitely dwell in peace and harmony with each other as love becomes the order of the day.

Just this one verse alone will exclude all the aforementioned vices that have plagued the world. And its acceptance and assimilation will no doubt enhance all that I have said.  This is because if this verse is properly interpreted, it will of course affect people’s lives in a way that they will not lie to each other. Or killing each other will be erased in the mental faculty of people. Wickedness will not be found among people, because love would replace them.

Without This Truth:

It is correct therefore, to say that individuals are the way they are, families are the way they are, and nations and countries are the way they are because they have refused to pay this debt of love to one another. There is war today because of the absence of love. We can speak of poverty today among people because of the absence of love. Also there is cheating and corruption today because of no love. There is divorce in families because love is absent. And there is fornication and sexual promiscuities because of lack of love. In the presence of love, these situations are not possible to be around. Therefore, the acceptance of Romans 13:8 in the world and the system of the world will automatically mean the elimination of all the aforementioned societal vices.

God First Paid His Debt to Us:

”For God so loved the world that HE GAVE His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

It’s obvious that God is not inducing us to paying the debt of love without having shown us an example. God demonstrated His immense love on mankind by giving His only begotten Son as the ransom for man’s sin. This is a debt that He has paid on the cross by allowing Jesus to die for mankind. So paying this debt of love on God’s part is a continuous process that is available for every man. Stretching our hands to receive this love of God will eventually enhance our ability to live out Romans 13:8.

So, when the love of God is being enshrined and engraved in our spirits, it becomes an inoculation that seals our spirit from the invading force of darkness which induces the opposite of what God’s love demonstrates. Therefore, being under such a spiritual bliss uplifts our inner willpower to demonstrate love to others. This is done irrespective of their religious, racial, financial and educational inclination or standard.

That Was What God Did:

He did not mind our racial, religious inclinations and otherwise before demonstrating His love for us. He freely gave His Son to the world, in order to express how much He loved the world. It is important to state that loving the world does not mean the globe. Rather the souls that are in it. Like God, we are not only expected to tap from this love demonstrated by Him. But we are also expected to replicate the same gesture to people by showing them how much we love them. And that war, hunger, starvation, hatred, strife, cheating, corruption, murder, etc., should not exist in the world.

On The Contrary:

Love, Working With This truthIt sag the spirit to know that what is written in Romans 13:8 is a well-known fact among people. But it is absent in the lives of people in our society. Worse still to know is that people who claim to have identified themselves with the love of God that is spoken of in John 3:16, are not in any way living out Romans 13:8 says. This is a self-deception to anyone who claims to have received the love of God. Yet is not able to pay the debt of love stated in Romans 13:8.

The truth remains that John 3:16 will always work in line with Romans 13:8. One cannot claim to have one without the other existing in his life. Therefore, if we cannot replicate what is written in Romans 13:8 in our lives, it means that we have not accepted the reality of John 3:16. This is an undisputable fact.

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