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Negative Impact:

Negative Impact Of Human TraffickingNegative impact – The probability that anyone that is trafficked will end up being enslaved is on the high side. Evidence has shown that many who are trafficked in the recent years has been sold in the slave markets. Slave trading is a system of trading that has been abolished by UN in the year 1847. As a result, because of the negative impact of this system of trade it was declared illegal and also inhuman. The lowest point a human being can go is when he is sold as a commodity in the market. It is very demeaning and this is the handiwork of human traffickers. They make money by selling their fellow human beings. Indication on ground shows that those affected much in this illicit transaction is the female victims.

They are sold for many purposes of which none of them can withstand the law. Imagine a young man or woman in his father’s house been lured to travel abroad in search for greener pasture finds himself or herself as a slave in another country. The negative impact which comes in the form of trauma and shame can only be imagined. This trauma is not just on the victim alone, the family of the victim also has a fair share of the situation. Of course no family stays peaceful after hearing that a member of their family is in a slavery condition in another country.

Negative Impact – Refugee:

Another negative impact of human trafficking is that it lands its victims in the refugee camp. A refugee camp is an initiative the UN and its organs put in place to support people who are stranded and homeless as a result of war and natural disasters. Actually human trafficking is not a natural disaster but a human disaster. Most of the victims of human trafficking are repatriated to their countries of origin by the UN and its organs. In the recent times, International Organization for Migrants (IOM), UKaid and so many other organizations have helped many victims of human trafficking to return to their country of origin. So much funds and resources have been spent in repatriating these victims of human trafficking. It is presumed that the amount of money spent in repatriating and reintegrating these victims could be used in making at least one African country an economic hub.

This is one of the negative situations human trafficking has created in our world. It is for this reason we should not fold our hands watch this menace continue. Imagine a situation whereby an individual who has good roof over his head and good environment to live suddenly becomes a refugee who lives in a tent and lives a beggarly life. Experiences in the refugee camp has not being the best, it’s very demoralizing and sometime dehumanizing. In the refugee camp one struggles to get virtually every necessity. The situation is very debasing especially for those whose wives are breastfeeding or heavy with pregnancy.


One of the negative impacts of human trafficking is that a huge number of girls trafficked from the Sub-Saharan countries end up becoming prostitutes in their destination countries. Most of these girls were not prostitutes in their home countries. It wasn’t in their plan to be.  But because they have been trafficked they are left without an option than to get involved. The result of this has impacted our society in a negative way. Firstly, in many countries especially African countries, prostitution is not a dignified profession. Therefore, many girls who are in this are stigmatized and slightly secluded in the scheme of things in life. They are not seen as people who are ‘pure’ in life hence the stigma.

The danger of prostitution is that it’s a means through which many sexually transmitted diseases can find their way into the society.  On many occasions prostitutes are victims of ritual killings and sacrifices. They are raped and dehumanized. In so many countries there are no adequate laws to protect them as human beings. It is not only the girls that face this stigma; the spillover affects their families back in their countries. Again, when such news filters into their families, the parents of these girls who from onset have good thought about them becomes unsettled because their daughters are into something not dignified. As a result of this, many of them die of heart attacks; because they could not face the shame.

Drug Addiction, Negative Impact of Human Trafficking:

Most of the people who are human trafficker’s victims are innocent boys and girls. Some of them have not heard of any thing called illicit drugs before. But their contact with human traffickers exposes them to these substances. And not just that, they are also lured into taking them. One of the Negative impacts of human trafficking is that through it many lives are ruined by hard drugs. They avail their victims the opportunity to have these drugs and eventually take them. The outcome is that an innocent child from a decent home is found doing drugs and is addicted to it.

Hard drug addiction destroys the body system from every angle. Anyone who is doing well in his or her career and engages in hard drug will eventually get out of his career hopelessly. When such a thing happens, it will not just affect his or her life alone but the life of others. That is those who would have benefited from him or her. Probably, his or her life would have been intact if he or she has not been trafficked.

Family Distraction:

Many victims of human trafficking return home being drug addicts, the kind of devastation such a situation cause in their families is unimaginable. Firstly, the families in question have a situation at hand and that is how to deal with drug addicted child. This requires the hand of an expert, sometime they have to pay money for his or her services. Such unwanted expense tells badly on the finance of the families. Money that would have been used to do other important things in the family is used in sustaining a drug addict.

A victim returning as a drug addict is not good news for his or her locality because there is the possibility for him or her to introduce some teenagers into it. The negative impact of drug addiction is that the person in question is not far from being mentally deranged. He or she can start stealing money from his or her family members and beyond. The consequence of this is very detrimental to the society. The truth is that these situations wouldn’t have come into being if he or she has not been trafficked.

 Illicit Drug Trading Negative Impact:

Again, most of the victims of human trafficking found themselves in illicit drug trading. The human traffickers are involved in dubious things, they are lawbreakers and one can only give what one has. There is no good thing that will come out of an evil heart. This is because a good man out of the good treasures in his good heart brings out good thing. Then an evil man out of the evil treasures in his evil heart brings out evil things. However, they becloud the reasoning of their victim by making them to believe that money cannot be made through genuine ways.

They lure their victims to leave on the fast lane by introducing them into drug business and racketeering. The end result of this kind of life has always been life behind the bars. This cannot be good news for the victim and for his or her family. There is no way the parents and relatives of the victim will take this kind of news lightly. The reality on ground is that an issue or situation has been created in the family. It will take a long period of time for them to see their family member who has travelled abroad in search for greener pasture but now in jail. The worse is after serving his or her jail terms the next thing is to repatriate the individual empty handed.

Burden To The Society:

The individual’s coming back empty handed and with the kind of criminal knowledge he or she has, means that the government of his or her country of origin has got job to do. Here, because of this individual, the security apparatus in his or her homeland will be kept on their toes.  This is because he or she may start inducing evil in the land. However, this is not good for everyone considering the fact that the victim use to be an innocent child before he or she left the shores of his or her country. Illicit drug trading is one of the negative impacts human trafficking has brought in our society. Hence, this is why we must fight against it by all means possible.

 Negative Impact – Kidnapping

It is no longer news that most if not all the victims of human traffickers are forcefully kidnapped at one time or the other. The fact to be accepted is that human trafficking is synonymous with kidnapping and most victims are kidnapped severally. When victims are kidnapped, the outcome is always a call to the family members to rally round and pay ransoms. The truth is that this has great physiological and psychological impacts to the families of the victims. There’s no one who hears that his or her family member has been kidnapped in foreign land that stays calm. This situation is a worrisome type and surely all the members of the family of the victim are in disarray and cannot co-ordinate their businesses and job activities effectively.

Their state of being is nothing but fear; this is because they don’t know what next if the money demanded by the kidnappers is not paid on time. Truly many who have been kidnapped by these evil elements met their death because of the failure of their family members to rally around and pay ransoms. This kind of situation isn’t palatable situation to bear. Losing a love one in the hand of an evil group is very devastating. This is considering the fact that the said family member would have been alive if he or she didn’t travel out. The ransom paid to these miscreants is big sum of money. The result of this is that the wealth of the family in question has been affected more seriously. Worse still is that sometime if the family does not have the required amount they have to go borrowing.

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Culled from the “Human Trafficking And The Girl Child” Written by Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

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