How A Believer/ Minister Of God Can Utilize Covid 19 Lockdown – Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Utilization of Covid 19 Lockdown:

Utilization Of Covid 19 LockdownUtilization of Covid 19 lockdown is very necessary in the life of every believer. The negative side of Covid 19 lockdown on the average believer is weighty. Spiritual life of a believer is what makes him a believer. A believer whose spiritual life is not being enhanced will gradually fade out in his Christian life. The most important target of the enemy in this perilous time is the spiritual of life of believers. The enemy is using Covid 19 lockdown to deter the spiritual growth of believers. It is no longer news that within this period of time many believers are not going to church services and most Church programs have been cancelled.

This is detrimental to their spiritual growth. If this Covid 19 lockdown dawdles, the outcome on the side of believers might not be titivating and encouraging. Therefore, there is the need for proper utilization of Covid 19 lockdown by believers. The utilization of Covid 19 lockdown will involve believers to continuously stirring up the gifts of God in them. See 2 Timothy 1:6, 2 Peter 3:1. This can be through engaging oneself in meaningful spiritual activities while observing the lockdown. Staying at home idling and sticking to hear the news about Covid 19 should be a no no for believers. That it is called lockdown doesn’t mean the believers should also lockdown themselves spiritually.

Below are some of the things I suggest believers should engage themselves during this lockdown. I believe this will definitely enhance believers for the utilization of this Covid 19 lockdown.

Utilization Through Sermon:

The believer/minister of God’s word should utilize this period of time by writing and preparing sermons. The reality that will face every preacher of the gospel immediately after this lockdown is that he must go back to work. Here, going back to work requires that he is fully loaded with sermons to preach. In fact, this period of time should be the most engaging time for every preacher because he should keep his hands dirty.

A preacher that is focus in this time can prepare sermons he can preach throughout this year. The utilization of this Covid 19 lockdown should be a paramount thing in the heart of any preacher. This is very important because a time like this affords a preacher great ample time to do more. The irony is that this kind of opportunity may not come again.

Bible Study Notes:

Also, the utilization of Covid 19 lockdown should be very vital in the heart of every bible teacher in the church. The bible teachers should not join the bandwagon of wailers and drift away from their major course. This should be a time for bible teachers to dig deeply and study the bible in order to draw out lessons. Bible teachers whose spiritual antennas are active will definitely grasp on lots of truth from bible this period of time. How to utilize this Covid 19 lockdown should be a concern to bible teachers. They should target one lesson per day. This method will go a long way in helping them to have enough lessons when church activities resume. The benefit is that they will not be scampering around for lessons to teach.

Utilization Through Writing Articles online:

Many believers who are gifted in writing should use this period of time to write spirit filled articles. Instead of centering their hearts on the happenings of the day, they should divert their energy in writing articles that will uplift the spirit of other believers. Believers who are gifted in writing should utilize this Covid 19 lockdown by writing and inducing right teaching in the hearts of other believers. Covid 19 lockdown is not a time to be reticent. It is a time to quicken the sagging spirit of other believers. Most importantly the articles you write online today will be read in many years to come. It means you are living a legacy for others. However, if you don’t have a means to air your online teaching, contact this website

Writing Of Books:

The utilization of this Covid 19 lockdown is very important to the Christian fold. This is because it will definitely tell on them if they do not make use of it to affect the life of their members positively. As a believer in Christ, one of the things you have to engage yourself into in this time is writing of books. They can be moral or spiritual based books. It pays in two ways; the books you write will help build the spiritual life of other believers. I mean help them grow spiritually. On the other hand since one of the adverse effects of this lockdown is downsizing of earnings, a believer who writes will utilize this opportunity for financial growth.

Writing Of Songs:

Choir masters and songwriters are sometimes complaining of lack of time and quiet time to write. The utilization of Covid 19 lockdown on their side should be to write as many songs as they want. The opportunity has been created for all songwriters to engage themselves and do great job by coming out of this lockdown with great songs. I mean songs that will spark revelation knowledge of God in the life of believers.

Seeking Deep Spiritual Knowledge:

As a believer, probably there are many things you are yet to understand. Your

Utilization of Covid 19 Lockdown

utilization of this Covid 19 lockdown will be to step aside and seek to understand those things. It might take you to isolate yourself, read the scripture and pray for answers. Doing this will help you not to be entangled in the Covid 19 fever which is ravaging countries. The knowledge you draw out from your deep meditation of the scripture this time around will aid your spiritual life. Apostle Paul prayed that the believer’s eyes of understanding should be enlightened. This will certainly be your portion as you take some timeout in this period to search for knowledge.

Increase In Prayer Times:

The utilization of Covid 19 lockdown will involve a believer increasing his prayer times. Some believers hardly have time to pray as a result of their busy routines daily. In their inner being they would like to pray as often as they desire but could not because their routines are very engaging. However, this lockdown avails them the opportunity to pray as much as they like. Prayers at several intervals in a day will include for the eradication of Covid 19 from the face of the Earth. Once prayed, the hearts of believers are filled with fulfillment. There is so much joy one gets in/from praying. It assures the heart! Therefore, during this period of time believers can change many things bothering their life through prayers.


Notice that Apostle Paul went into Arabia and that self-isolation helped him to garner knowledge that people before him could not have. The knowledge he gained from the isolation produced the epistles that he wrote to different churches. These epistles have become the doctrinal roadmap for Christians today. We cannot afford to miss the opportunity this isolation called Covid 19 lockdown is offering to us. The expectation is that when we resume our activities in churches we will all come with refreshed and renewed minds filled with revealed knowledge of God.

Praise God!

About The Author:

Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu is the Pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l. He has authored many books and he’s behind several online Christian articles.

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