Managing and Eradicating Covid 19 The God’s Way – Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Managing and Eradication Of Covid 19:

Managing and Eradication of Covid 19

Managing and eradication Covid 19 is the most essential and focal concern of the entire world now. Presently, Covid 19 or Coronavirus is a viral disease that is ravaging and killing people in mass all over the world. The world health system and structure has been put in total disarray because of the outbreak of this virus. Human beings even in the so called advanced world are dying anyhow and there is pandemonium.  There is little the ‘well-structured’ authorities of this world could do to ameliorate the situation. Obviously, this is not the first time a pandemic is taking place in the world.

The difference is that Covid 19 is ravaging and killing people tremendously and there is limited control over it. Certainly, it implies that there is paucity of wisdom/knowledge to handle it. Somehow, Covid 19 has exposed the weakness of man’s scientific prowess. The effect of this is the sudden sharp U turn towards God. People are eagerly seeking God’s divine power in order to quell this situation. God has become the sudden last resort for many who believe in Him. Also those who have ignored His existence have decided to accept that He does. This is happening because they believe that He has what it takes to stop this pandemic.

Managing And Eradication Of Covid 19 The Expectation:

Within this period of time, all ears have been opened to hear what instruction(s) from God would be. People are very eager to hear from God on what step that should be taken to avert being a victim of Covid 19. As a result of this, many low and mighty ‘men of God’ have come up with many postulations suggesting that God has spoken through them. Many of them have boosted that they have what it takes to stop the ravaging effect of Covid 19. Also many have come up to say that Covid 19 is a tool in the hand of God to cleanse the Earth. As a result of this, many of have established the terminal date of this virus.

However, their postulations have not helped matters. This is because it has helped to raise the tension higher than expected. The expectation of the people has been cut short because the terminal date did come into effect. Therefore, many who anchored their hope on their declaration have been disappointed in them and indirectly in God. Meanwhile, those who claimed they have the magical power from God demonstrated without positive effects. The question to ask is this… Has God failed man? The answer is an emphatic and capital No!

God’s Way Of Managing and Eradication of Viral Diseases:

Like stated earlier, several viral and devastating diseases have taken place in the past. So, a viral disease like Covid 19 is not the first of its kind in the world. Somehow, those diseases were managed and controlled. Overtly, no viral disease is of God’s making and God does not produce death! Therefore, the question is what is God’s idea or way in the time of outbreak of diseases? Let’s see from the bible what God has to say when viral and contagious diseases take place. In the book of Leviticus, God suggested to the children of Israel to quarantine anyone who has contacted a viral disease. See Leviticus chapter 13.

Notice that God didn’t ask them to do some abrakatabras in order to eliminate the sickness but He asked them to isolate the sick. Interestingly again, God taught them thorough hygiene in order to control any disease that is epidemic in nature. See Leviticus chapter 13. Notice from verse 50 – 58 God taught them on how to handle an infected garment. The procedure for diagnosing a viral disease with a garment was similar to those for diagnosing skin diseases. God suggested a seven day quarantine, and a second examination is needed. In this process, infected garments had to be burned. This will help to avert the spreading of the disease.


This is God’s standard when it comes to controlling viral diseases. Isolate the individual, make sure him or her practice proper hygiene, and examine the rate at which the disease vibrates. Then apply the necessary medication. Just this simply method from God can eliminate the spreading of the most viral and dangerous disease in the world. What man needs is a practical knowledge from God!

About The Author:

Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu is the Pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l. He has authored many books and he’s behind several online Christian articles.

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