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If There Is God:

If There Is GodIf there is God – Many people are displeased when one mentions God or anything about God to their hearing. This is because of the presence of many things that are not supposed to be “if actually there is God.” So, they find it difficult to flow along with these people who proclaim about God and the message of God. It’s amazing to know that some of these people were born in a putatively God’s family. They had worshipped God in their families and were zealous for Him.  However, along the line because of certain difficulties prevalent in their lives, they decided to lose grip on God.

So many of them are disappointed in God because they were told that God can take away all their troubles and here troubles have come and God refused to do something. They were consequently advised to commit everything in the hand of God through prayer and even fasting. Based on this, they earnestly prayed and hoping that God, as they were told, will take the situation away. But as time went on the situation still lingered. The only conclusion they could draw out at this point in time was that there is no God. For if there is God, why didn’t He take the situation off? Therefore (according to them), the failure of God to meet their demands as they supposed means that He doesn’t exist.

If There Is God Why Didn’t He Do……?

In the same vein, many must have heard that when one runs to God, He is the ultimate protector. Also, they have been told that God is able to do away with their enemies. Hence in the destruction of their enemies they rely so much on God. However, their enemies are on their necks and they have called on God to kill or destroy these enemies. To them, the lack of swift action from God means He doesn’t have an ear to listen to their plea.  Also, many who live in places that are prone to natural disasters and perilous occurrences query the existence of God. If there is God, there is no way He would have kept quiet in the times of these horrible occurrences.

Those Who Ask The Question:

Yet, many among these people are the ones who have worshipped God with all their heart and earnestly served Him with all their gift and talents. But in their life comes a particular need of which as true “servants” of God, there is no way God would not have given them solution to the problem. Here in their life God kept quiet as if the need doesn’t exist. For them, therefore, it is better to worship a kind of God that will answer prayers quickly. That’s the God that can do things the way and manner they believe God should have done it.

The ‘failure’ of God to rise up according to human desires and desperation to quench arduous tasks negate His existence. How would one think that there is God and earthquakes are claiming the lives of people and He created? Also, how would God be there diseases like Coronavirus is on rampage erasing people from the face of the earth?

The Reliability Of God Questioned:

Again how would God be there and people are living dejectedly and in abject poverty? To worsen it all there is a disparity between people. Considering the fact that some are rich and gaudily living their lives in luxury whereas others languish in penury. If there is God, why do the wicked go to the top rapidly and amass the best for themselves? Again, if there is God, why do those who “humble” themselves live like nobodies? Therefore, if there is really a God, and all these things are happening, and He keeps quiet, He is a partial God. Note that most of these questions and arguments are coming from the educated elites. These people through their human reasoning try to “humanize” God. They try to put God in their own shoes and not in His own shoes.

If There Is God Why The Outbreak Of Diseases:

Sometimes we hear of outbreak of diseases in certain places and people die in their numbers. In most cases, as a result of rapid intervention of medical practitioners and government agencies, such situations are brought under control. Notice that many outbreaks of diseases take place because of the reaction of bacterium in the body of their host. Though, it is a fact that most diseases are inherited. But these inherited diseases are not contagious as the ones spread by bacterium, germs and viruses. However, if man has decided not to keep his environment tidy, he has just succeeded in spreading contiguous diseases. The consequence is always death. God should not be held responsible for our carelessness.

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