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Reasons To Attend a Church:

Reasons to attendReasons to attend a church: the fact is that there are churches everywhere no doubt about it. Also it is a true statement that most churches on Sunday are filled to brim. People massively leave their homes and with their families to church services. However, so many of these people have different reasons why they have chosen a particular church as the place they worship. But it is important to point out that some of these reasons do not come to terms with the right notion. This is because; some of these reasons as listed below shouldn’t be the reason to attend a particular.

The building of the church:

It is very glaring that there are so many churches out there with beautiful constructions or edifices. They are very charming in their outward appearance and their interior beauty speaks volume. They comfort one can enjoy in them is worthy to talk about. Just sitting down inside these kinds of churches can make someone to forget his poverty background. So these places of worship become a place where some worshippers can go on Sundays and relax. It implies that if the building is not comfortable enough most of the people that are members will look for elsewhere to worship.

For this reason many church operators go borrow money to build big and comfortable structure that will attract worshippers. So it is not out of place to hear that banks are after churches because of money they borrowed to put their building in place. Yet, the nature of church building shouldn’t be the reason to worship in it. See the case of Solomon in the book of first Kings 9, 10.

Business opportunities:

One of the things that draw people to become members of a particular church is business opportunities. There is this believe that since most people that attend a particular church are rich, the certainty for business opportunities are there. In many churches big business deals happens between brethren and such have led to the financial uplifting of brethren. However, this is not bad but it shouldn’t be a reason why someone should be a member of a church. It is not right to become a member of a church because of financial and material gains.

Job opportunities:

Oddly, though somehow true, people have chosen churches to worship based on the fact that they will get jobs from its members. Sometimes, this is based on the testimonies that are coming from the members. One hears they say that they got their well-paid jobs from contacts in their churches. So someone who has been on the street struggling to have a job might as well get into a church and become a member and soon he gets a job.

The next thing is to come out on one of the service days to testify for the benefit. He will say “if not for this church I wouldn’t have gotten a job”. His job ‘breakthrough’ will be spread by other members and many unemployed people will massively come and become members. However, job opportunity shouldn’t be a reason to become a member of a particular church.

Miracles, signs and wonders:

Many churches are filled to brim because of the expectation of the worshippers. The worshippers are expecting miracles, signs and wonders to happen to them and to their love ones. Also many are in the church to watch and see the kinds of miracles, signs and wonders that men of God perform. Therefore, it is because they want something spectacular that is why they worship in that church. Miracles, signs and wonders have become one of the highlights that draw people to church. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be the reason to become a member of any church.

The distance of the church from your home:

Another thing that motivates people to go worship to a particular church is the distance of the church from their homes. This category of worshippers believe that it is needless and waste of time going to worship in a church that is far away from their homes. In this case any church close to their homes is acceptable. However, distance shouldn’t be a reason to become a member of a particular church.

The grammatical articulacy of the preacher:

Many worshippers today do go to church because the preacher speaks and can express himself better. The oratory ability of the preacher counts and as a result worshippers are coming to his church. Many like to hear big grammatical expressions in English and Greek languages. At the back of their mind, worshipping in such a place makes them appear wise. They go to church every Sunday to hear new expressions from their man of God. Yet this shouldn’t be the reason to become a member of a church. See what Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:4, Colossians 2:4.

The songs and music from the choir:

In church membership, to some worshippers, the determinant is the kind of song and music from the choir. The caliber of people in the choir matters. This is because if a known artist is a member of the choir; his or her presence brings worshippers to church. Again, this shouldn’t be the reason to be a member of any church.

The popularity of the church:

Many church denominations have spread wide and across the nation. Their branches are in thousands and because of this they are popular. Their popularity has become one of the reasons people are worshiping with them. The idea is like since they are popular and organized it means that they are doing the right thing. Well, popularity of any church shouldn’t be the reason to be a member of that church.

Charging of mobile phones:

As a result of the epileptic power supply system in the country many churches decided to acquire generator set. The presence of generator means they don’t have to wholly rely on the nation’s power supply system. Their light and systems are always powered. This however, makes many worshippers to come to worship with them. Since it is an opportunity to charge their mobile phone and get them ready for use. This also shouldn’t be the reason to be a member of a particular church.

The only reason:

So it is not about the church building, business opportunities, job opportunities, miracles, signs and wonders, the distance of the church location, the grammatical expression of the preacher, the structure of the choir, the popularity of the church and keeping one’s mobile phone alive. But it is all about what is the doctrine of the church. Is it in line with the doctrines of the Apostles? This matters a lot!

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