The Importance Of Reviewing Your Sermons – Pastor Chris Onayinka

Sermons And Diet:

Sermons and dietSermons and diet – You need to check your sermons and observe your focus.
Emphasis is key, if you emphasize what scriptures don’t emphasize you feed your flock the wrong diet

Believers can only grow if given the right diet.
Scriptures has its proper meal and diet.
Check out a few stats

  • How often do you use the words Satan, devil? And how do you use it?

Sermon And Diet – DEVIL:

Four gospels -41
Jesus mentioned it 9 times
(Remember over 2/3 was repeated as references of the same statement )
Book of Acts -2
Epistles -Pauline (3)
Peter (1)
Book of Hebrews (1)
Jude (1)
Four gospels (41)
Book of acts (0)
Paul (1)
Book of revelation (3)

Sermon And Diet – SATAN:

Four gospels (15)
Jesus mentioned it 12 times
Book of acts (1)
Paul -10
Book of revelation (2)
NB- in most of these commentaries they were either cast out, rebuked or the defeat of Satan was mentioned

  • How often do you use the word sin, sinner, sins or sinned, and how do you use it?

Old Testament
334-340 times
Four gospels -(19)
Jesus mentioned it 15 times
Book of acts -(1)
Epistles -89 times
Book of Romans alone 43 times ,and used in relation to Christ’s sacrifice for sins in 90% usage
Hebrews 12 times with same frequency of purpose as Romans .
1 John 15 times, Pattern of Romans and Hebrews too.
James 4 times
1&2nd peter 3 times
1&2timothy 7 times
Book of Ephesians once, Galatians two times, 1&2 Thessalonians twice.
Note that these majorly focused on Christ’s death and sacrifice

SINNED/ Sinneth
Old Testament -107 times/15
Four gospels -4 times
13 times /7 times

Using The Word SINNER In Your Sermons:

Old Testament -25 times
Four gospels&Epistles-44 times
Jesus used it 17 times ,and most times it was not judgment but mercy .

Old Testament -75 times
Four gospels -26 times
Jesus used it 13 times
Book of acts -7
Epistles -45 times ,with most (about 90%) on forgiveness ,remission ,redemption etc.

600-625 times
IN Christ (and related terms)
between 150-224 times
NB- most stats are near approximates with Margin errors of about 2-5%

Summary Sermon And Diet:

The Emphasis of the New Testament is NOT sin or sinning or acts of sin but Christ’s sacrifice for sin, whilst the Old Testament focuses on it,

You won’t find enough artillery for condemnation either in the four gospels, book of acts or epistles.
Preach and Teach Christ NOT sin.
Satan isn’t a major not even in the Old Testament ,this wasn’t a denial as he worked however it wasn’t the emphasis
If you find yourself using Satan ,demons etc. much it’s because you are NOT applying scriptures

Preach and Teach Christ NOT Satan
It’s time to spray a New Testament spray as a “siniticide “or “satanticide “on your sermons.
I Call You blessed

About The Author:

Pastor Chris Segun Onayinka is a Nigerian Pastor and a profound teacher of the word of God who teaches explicitly, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the New Creation realities. A Nigerian lawyer by profession, He is the founder and senior Pastor of The Saints Community Church.

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