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Christmas Odds

Christmas OddsChristmas odds are those things that associate with Christmas that are not in line with the purpose of Christmas. These Christmas odds have done great deal of damage to whatever might have been the benefits of Christmas. The situation is that these Christmas odds have obviously inked a negative patch on the celebration of Christmas. They have overtime etched a notion that its manifestation has been seen as evil in Christmas period.

Majority of people who celebrate Christmas sees Christmas celebration as a time to display these Christmas odds. The reality is that Christmas celebration is a time Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This means it should be a time of reflection for Christians in order to enhance their relationship with Christ. In other words it should be a time for every Christian to have a personal evaluation of his life in Christ.

The checks and balances here should mainly be to accentuate more on how far one has fared in life as a Christian. Consequently the benefit is that he or she should make amends where it is necessary. In totality, this exercise is geared towards spiritual growth.

In fact, spiritual growth is the main purpose and the supposed gain of Christmas celebration. The implication of this statement is that any other thing happening during Christmas aside spiritual growth should be seen as a distraction. These distractions are considered as the odds in during Christmas celebration.

Christmas Odds A Distraction:

For instance, Christmas period is shouldn’t be the right time for people to display their opulent life styles. It is not a time to showcase how much riches one has made, this is a misleading notion. Also it is not right for someone to step up his business engagements because of Christmas celebration. This has led many to get involve in so many dubious means of making money.

Therefore, it is not out of place to hear that many who proclaim that they are Christians are involved in ritual killings. Also many get themselves involve in robbery in order to amass money they will display during Christmas celebration. And yet, this trend has become the normal routine and many are falling into it. The danger is that within the Christian enclave, it is becoming a normal culture. The acceptance of this ugly trend is gaining ground and its establishment within is as a result of filthy lucre. Many who know the truth do not want to talk because they believe they will be vilified. The youths among us are learning and accepting this trend as the correct Christian practices.

However, that it is seen as being correct does not make it the truth. It becomes the truth when aligned with the right biblical doctrine and if it fits in properly it is actually the truth. But the reality on ground speaks otherwise, and that is, Christmas celebration is not about wealth showcasing. Christ was not born for people to be rich or to celebrate riches.

The Purpose Of Christmas Celebration:

Jesus was born for people to be saved from the corruption that is in this world. Any Christmas gospel centered on riches or making riches is a pseudo gospel and should be disregarded.

Christmas celebration should be a celebration of a savior that gives eternal. Therefore salvation of souls should be the focus! This is considering the fact that there were many rich men and women before Christ came and they were not saved. This is indicating that in the issue of salvation, riches don’t count.

If one is not saved in Christ, it means that his worldly riches amount to nothing. The odds in Christmas celebration should be avoided and should not be allowed to be at the center of the celebration. When we celebrate the Christmas in the right path the benefit of the celebration will trickle down to everyone that needs it.

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