Dr. Abel Damina Testimony Bishop Mike Okonkwo And Andrew Wommack’s Factor

Prosperity Gospel:

prosperity messageProsperity message – After preaching for several years I became empty, I became empty, and unfulfilled. You know me here in Uyo, you know me in this town, leave that thing, I am the Baba for prosperity you all know me. I can collect money from Satan, if Satan appears I can collect money from him, I am the Baba for prosperity. I preached prosperity until I was lost inside it and I couldn’t find my way.

Totally lost, I preached deliverance. I did deliverance in this town till I went from street to street, junction to junction casting out demons. And I have done it all, I have done it all. I came to a point in my life where life became meaningless. In fact I told God maybe my time is up, because there is no more joy and excitement. And I wasn’t looking forward to anything I was fed up. I said to God is this all there is to ministry, preach, raise money, and be happy is that all? I mean, collect money raise money, and promise people things that I know is not Bible. Things like four keys to success, three keys to breakthrough. Forty five keys, 40 steps how to make pillars of prosperity and I know none of them is true.

Prosperity Message A Con:

I even knew that some of the scriptures I was quoting there was something wrong with them. Scriptures like ‘’Give, is shall be given, Good measure pressed down, shaken together, shall man give to your bossom” has nothing to do with money. I got fed up and I left church, I left our church, and I didn’t tell them but I left. However, I told Mama let’s get out, we jetted out. I was fed up. I decided to pray maybe something is wrong with me.  And I need to seek the lord then I got into prayer.

I took two weeks to pray and at the end of two weeks of praying I had nothing. However, I felt like going to the bookshop, I got to the book shop, and I saw a shelf with Andrew Wommack books. I never like Andrew Wommack because to me he is a lazy preacher. You know Africans until somebody is jumping; we don’t feel he is preaching.

Andrew wommack will just sit down and be talking as if the whole world is waiting for him. I didn’t like him but when I discovered he commanded global attention I wanted to find out what is he saying that makes everywhere listen to him. Many times, I got people asking if I have listened to Andrew Wommack but am not patience to watch him but I saw a shelf of all his books. I packed all but I didn’t read it, we came back to Uyo, I got on my pulpit and preached and felt emptier.  I told Mama lets go again, we left for Dubai,

Seeking Self In Prayer In Dubai:

In Dubai I prayed for like two weeks and I was just seeking myself. I was looking for me, I mean I was lost, listen to me, I am not joking. Sincerely I was lost. I had cars, I had money and I have invitation I could preach on any pulpit in the world that I wanted. Listen everything was working for me but I was lost. So I travelled after two weeks in Dubai I couldn’t find solution, on that trip.  I took two of Andrew Wommack’s books I didn’t read them but in the plane my eyes were sharp so I felt like reading. As I took the first Andrew Wommack book, I read only 8 pages and my heart opened, the veils fell off, and I saw where I missed it.

Then I took out a note book and my pen and I was writing throughout the flight. I finished the first book and the second book that I took with me I came back and proceeded on another time of vacation. Thereafter I studied and studied, prayed I began to find joy, fulfillment in Christ. I discovered that Christ is the missing link in the Gospel and Christ is the only link in the Gospel.

Preaching Grace Is The Link:

I came back to our church and did 30 days of Glory and I blew grace. Then I began to preach the grace of Christ, what Christ has done in his death, burial and resurrection. I preached it for 30 days, I preached it and I began to preach salvation, I began to preach the revelation of Jesus my life is fulfilled, I have peace. I have a reason to live, I am so happy people asked Dr. Damina we observed you are so consistent, you are not distracted, and I cannot because I have found him.

Bishop Mike Okonkwo called me sometimes ago, Abel what have we been preaching? I said sir, I have asked the same question, and he said why will it take me seventy years of my life to discover the gospel? Why will I be seventy before I discover the gospel? Bishop Mike Okonkwo was telling me, he said I am discovering Gospel at 70 after I have preached for over 40 years, what have I been reading? He went back to his church and apologized every other day I will be on phone with him for two hours we are studying scripture.

The man said to me Abel now I know I am saved! Now I know I have Christ and now I sleep in peace and I am no more afraid. He said when I used to preach these things I wasn’t sure of going to heaven. He tells that story all over the world. All his friends abandoned him, he said Abel I can lose the whole world it matters nothing to me. I have found Christ 70 years of age what is the man looking?

About The Author:

Dr. Abel Damina is the senior Pastor of Power City International Church,

Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria



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