Before You Give In To Depression You Should Think Again

Depression – Everything has gone wrong and I am not myself anymore


DepressionDepression – “I feel I should give up on life, I have lost faith in myself, in life and everything. I mean what am I living for?”


This is not a one off situation where people get dejected and down-casted and with a heavy burdened heart.


It is really not even special in its occurrence, because it happens all the time and everyone or most people might have made such statements as stated above.


Most people are strong enough to find a way out and push through, others are too weak to escape and before you can blink, they are already on the suicidal path.


This is not a great situation to be in, especially if you are alone and have no one to register how you feel.


But before you lose hope, lose faith and give up, please remember…




It is really not the kind of life you had planned or had envisioned. If you could make a choice, you will be far away from here and probably lost in your fairy-tale and dream, but hey, poo has hit the fan!


You have to remember all you stand for, all your dreams and aspirations, all you wanted to achieve and all that you can be.


The downfall of a man is not the end of his life. You are crawling today does not mean you cannot fly tomorrow, you are weeping today does not rule out the possibility of you smiling and laughing tomorrow.


As odd and unbelievable as it may sound to you, your life is way better than that of millions that you don’t even know about and yet they are surviving.


Stay away from people who cannot empathize and seek others who can see the light in your darkness, and try to find strength in yourself and in nature.


Don’t let your failed past and setback control the present, march like you have no worry in life, live like the whole earth is yours, and really it is.


Remember that, all it takes is time and you will be where you ought to be, with who you are meant to be and doing what you have always hoped for and dreamt of.




You did not just fall from the sky, you have a family: father, mother, brother, sister, wife, children, which alone should give you utmost joy.


What the hell are you thinking when you ever thought of giving up? You don’t want to turn out as the sore loser, who was so scared, he ran out of life.


Sincerely, you and that you do not have everything but you have got your family to light your life up and you need to key in to that advantage.


Do you realize how much you mean to them? How your presence alone is fulfilling, satisfying and enough for them?


Think about the pain, sorrow and anguish that will envelop the face of your lovely family if you cannot put your life together and decide to take the coward’s way out by committing suicide.


You have to talk to them about how you feel and what your problems are, you just need to draw inspiration from that circle of love called family.




Oh! Yes you have got to remember friends. They are your brothers and sisters from another mother and their survival chance is really dependent on you staying alive. This is very true. You are a delight in the life of your friends.


You are surprised, but it’s true, you are so important to their existence and like air, they cannot do without you. That jokes you crack with them, that fight you do have with them, that political and football argument you do have with means a lot to them.


Imagine this; you could be the doctor who will save their life, the friend who will always have their back covered… And could just be the future our country is waiting for.


You could be the reason why they smile, the reason why they are always happy, so why choose to be selfish and throw all that away?


Look around to others who look up to you, do you really want to let them all down? You have got to take a break from the pity party and move on with your life!

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