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Casting All Your Cares:

Casting all your caresCasting all your cares – 1st Peter 5:7 – Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Casting all your cares – Explaining Keywords

CARES – This is a word that readily describes life’s pressures that come to us all as men and can be interchangeably used with any of the following synonyms such as Worries, concerns, expectations, desires, plans, goals or ambitions. Cares therefore refer to things (personal or societal) that weigh heavily on our minds as necessities, often times as a product of legitimate desires to have or own the good things of life. They often could range from the need to or desire to succeed academically, to gaining financial independence or wealth, to having an excellent spouse, wonderful kids, landed properties (or at least, one’s privately owned apartment), a well-funded vacation, early retirement with many benefits and the list goes on and on.

However, as legitimate and rightful as it is to have desires for good things or to want to care for oneself or others that are dear to us, it so happens that many times, these desires (when not properly handled or managed) drive us and consumes us such that they eventually become cares or better still, worries.

Casting All Your Cares On Jesus:

To some, the need to excel academically becomes a worrisome thought (maybe after failing an entrance exam or a first test in a major course) that degenerates further to the fear of failure in life generally; to some the need to break free from a background of want or poverty and gain financial freedom, independence or wealth overwhelms them to create a savings culture motivated by fear (such that they can hardly even give to meet the needs of others or their local church), they often become stingy, not willing to part with money other than for selfish reasons; to some the need to ‘settle down’ or get married, sometimes with rising pressures from family, friends and society, telling them that they are getting ‘old’, rush desperately for the next available man/woman, with little or no consideration for life after the wedding (which is really the marriage) and so on and so forth.

CAST – this is like what one does with a cloth; it literally implies that you put something on someone completely.

This implies therefore that when we consider these keywords in the light of scripture (with reference particularly to our main text), we’ll see that we’re admonished to completely cast our cares, worries or concerns, like a cloth on Jesus.


*I acknowledge my God-given right as a man to desire the good things of life. I however refuse to be overwhelmed by these desires and cast them all on Jesus for he cares for me.*

About The Author:

Dr. Abel Damina is the senior Pastor of Power City International Church,

Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

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