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God Can Be Moved:

GodGod – Ultimately, the goal of some people if not all men is to look up to God as their last resort when it comes to meeting their needs. So it becomes the responsibility of God to meet needs. This is especially those ones they feel is not within their reach to meet.  And to the best of their knowledge they have to do something. All they have to do for Him to meet their needs is just to find a way to inspire Him.

And He will meet these needs. Therefore, to this category of Christians they have to fast and pray or cry if not He wouldn’t answer. The statement let’s fast and pray or cry to Him is a common slogan that depict inducement to Him. Or let’s sing praises and worship so that the glory of God will come down. And by bringing the ‘glory of God’ down from heaven prayers are answered.

Also we hear something like let’s carry out one service or the other in the house of God and be involved in one ministry department or the other so that He can be moved to meet a particular need in our lives. Some boast and say “you know why God is blessing my business is because I pay my tithe and offering. Or I give arms to the poor.” And yet some will say something like “in that situation I challenged God. And I reminded Him that I pay my tithe. Therefore, there is no way I should lose this or that in the hand of the enemy.” We hear things like, let’s sing praises and worship to God then he can become happy and solve our problems.

God In Questions:

The questions are, can we really cajole or bribe God (with our activities, monies, singings e.t.c.) before He can be moved to do something in our lives? When we receive answers to our prayers does it mean that He is reciprocating to our serious prayer life gestures? Can we really make Him happy or sad; that’s can God be remote controlled? Again, is He such an unstable being that can be directed and redirected in any direction by human being? Is He that emotional that He hears us only when we have cried to Him? Therefore, can He change His deposition or nature? The last but not the least is who benefits from the songs we sing in the church, God or the singers?

The truth is that, if our answers to the questions above are positive and yes it means that though we go to Church and worship Him we don’t know Him and we are yet to understand His nature. The statement above is quite a challenging one but it’s good to learn and unlearn certain things as we grow in Christ. This of course calls for a deep reflection that will help us understands the God we worship.

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