Why Every Believer Should Develop a Single Eye – Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Single Eye:

Single EyeSingle eye: definitely is important a believer develop what is called a single eye. This single eye is nothing but a focused eye. The only focal point a single eye has is the Word of God. Note that situations do come up in life in order to distract a believer from focusing on the word. And the adverse effect of this is that the believer will be seeing more of the problem than he sees more of the Word. At this point in time, the believer magnifies the situation more than he magnifies the word.

The Church of Apostles Discovered 

However, is important to look but the point is what are you seeing? Therefore, the best way to look at any situation is by the prism of the word of God. It is only by this a believer can truly see the situation as it is really is. Any believer who does this is putting his single eye in action and will never be derailed in his ways.

Again, having single eyes means staying one’s eyes invariably on God. And the bible says in the book of Prophet Isaiah thus

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

Isaiah 26:3.

Single Eye Results Into Peace:

This is an indication that a perfect peace is achievable. And the only source of it is when one has stayed his eyes on God. When a believer is in a situation the only way to be in perfect peace is to focus on God. This will help him to avoid being controlled around by the circumstances. A better example is the scenario that involved Peter and Jesus Christ. We understand that as long as Peter fixed his eyes on Jesus, the storm that was ravaging the environment doesn’t matter. But immediately he removed his eyes away from Jesus Christ he saw how mighty the storm was.

The consequence of this is that he lost his peace and he began to sink. That’s exactly what happens when we take our eyes away from the Word of God. Remember, what brought Peter to walk on the water was that Jesus asked him to come. He trusted Jesus and that was why he went to meet Him the nature of the storm and water notwithstanding.

Therefore, trusting what one sees from the Word is very important. Trust therefore becomes a key as one sees the Word. This is because it creates a strong faithful base for the believer to stand. The book of Isaiah echoes it this way.

“Because he trusteth in thee.”

It implies that the perfect peace the believer enjoys is a bye-product of his trust in the Word of God.  Importantly, trust is obtainable and maintained by the believer’s continuous gaze on the word.

The Body Is Full Of Light:

However, Jesus teaching in the gospel says that;

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

Matthew 6:22.

Now this is an emphatic and exact statement because a body without the eye is in absolute darkness. So the eye lights the whole body and causes the whole body to be under the influence of it. This implies that the body that has light will definitely understand how to navigate its ways. Therefore, because the eye can see and detect where there is danger and averts it.

The result is that the whole body is seen as illuminated. But one thing one cannot take away is that the perspective of the eye matters a lot. That is why Jesus made the statement that ‘thine eye be single thy body shall be full of light’. This is a conditional statement meaning, though one’s eye sees, inasmuch as it is not single his body cannot be full of light.

The question therefore to answer is this, why must the eye be single in order for the body to be full of light? It is important to note that the eye is a gate way to the heart of man. Whatever the eye sees it communicates to the heart. And whatever that has occupied the heart dictates the pace for the heart to follow.

Eyes Commands The State Of The Heart:

Whatever the eye sees and the heart accepts establishes the state of the heart whether it be of darkness or light. The need for one’s eye to be single becomes a necessity that is unavoidable. This is because it entails what the result of the life of that individual is like.

The singleness of the eye helps the believer to maintain his identity. And therefore it is very rare for him to take his eyes away from who he has become in God. So no matter what he sees, it doesn’t affect his image in God, and as a result, distraction is avoided.

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