Discovering And Enforcing Your Salvation In Christ – Dr. Abel Damina

Salvation In Christ:

SalvationSalvation in Christ – E.W. Kenyon said “A Church or a Denomination is known by its ability to explain salvation.”

The Gospel is the power of God…it’s not anyhow…it’s regulated towards salvation.

The Gospel is the power of God to save, not to damage, kill or destroy…but to save.

All of God’s power is regulated within the confines or under the conduit of salvation.

Matthew 1:21

…”He shall save his people”…

2 Timothy 3:15

The scriptures are able to make you wise unto salvation…not wise unto destruction, or killing or evil but unto salvation.

The message of the Gospel is Salvation.

Hebrews 2:1-4

How shall we escape the punishment of legalism if we neglect “so great salvation”…

Christianity is both apostolic and historical.

Luke 24

The Apostles where the first proponents of the gospel: “Salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus”.

1 Timothy 2:4

Who will have all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the truth…so the essence of the church is to bring people to the knowledge of this truth, salvation.

In the first service we looked at the Character of God…

We said…”Until someone takes a position towards salvation he is unsaved and cannot be called an unbeliever.

John 8:44

When you believe the Gospel God becomes your father…and he that disbelieveth is fathered by satan.

Faith in the gospel is critical because that is the power of God unto salvation.

We said both sin and death are a function of the will of man.

Sin and death are destructive system exposed by Gods judgment…his judgment is in his life, light and love. God’s judgment is not outside his character of love, life and light.

Salvation In Christ Product Of The Gospel:

So God ensures that in his loving kindness he makes his grace towards salvation available through the gospel…he also spells out the consequences of rejecting his grace, love and life…”he that believeth in his son is saved, but he that believe not is condemned already”.

So the judgment is in the choice…God does not react.

Acts 17:30, 15,17

This was Brother Paul’s message to people who were searching for God.

“He had appointed a day whereby he would judge all men in righteousness”…

This people in Acts 17:15-31 where devoured in their search for God…they were looking for something fresh and new…in the process created an intellectual hub of idol worship…they were in dread or fear by a confused concept of God…a theory that states the uselessness of man, how man cannot approach this unknown God who is mysterious and his ways past finding out…a God of disasters, killings, destruction…a God responsible for everything.

But God has only one side…Only a single character…he is consistently Good, loving, gracious, merciful, a life giver and the light.

In Verse 23 Paul says:

For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship…

Its only when you don’t know God that you look for altars…altar is associated with animal sacrifice and God has no business with sacrifices.

You cannot serve or relate with God when you don’t know him…to relate with him you must know him.

Salvation In Christ Involves Knowing Who God Is:

When people worship God ignorantly they are called the *Arnostics*

He(God) does not live in temples made with hands…God is not in a building, he lives in the believer.

Look at this: Acts 17:24

“God that made the world and all things therein seeing that he is lord of heaven and earth dwelling not in temples made with hands”…

Verse 25…neither is worshiped with men’s hands as though he needed anything…seeing he gives to all, life and breath and all things.

So God needs nothing from man, he owns everything, he created the heavens and the earth out of nothing and without him was anything made that was made…how can this God need something or anything from man?

What kind of Song will you sing to make God shift? What kind of money will you give to bribe or move God…he needs nothing from you…rather he created everything for you.

He gives unto all liberally…he didn’t say he gives unto Christians…he said he gives unto all. That is why an unbeliever can be richer than a believer.

Verse 26

Christ makes all of us one…one baptism, one faith, one love…in him we all are one…

The word determine in that text means to limit…not to limit man but to specify limits and he gave man limits…to specify things.

And the word habitation is the Greek word katoikia…he gave man a condition to live…

The word bounds is the Greek word “horothesia”…it means to specify.

So God created specifications (the law) to enable man seek him.

In making man he (God) created a longing/a desire in every human being to relate or seek for him.

God Came To Man:

That is why all religions will tell you they are the way to God…but Jesus says God has come to you, don’t look for him…that is Christianity.

God is looking for us(“who will have all men be saved”)…so don’t look for him, Jesus is here…salvation is here…now is the time of salvation.

Verse 27 again

“That they should seek the lord…the word if is the Greek word “ei”…it’s not a condition word. It means if a man’s follows that desire they will find him.

Verse 27 continued….

…”if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us.

Don’t give up on any man…as long as there is a search they will find him.

Nobody is too difficult to be born again except they have not heard the gospel of Christ explained with the required “sunesis”.

1 John 1:1

The word to find him is the Greek word “heurisko”…it means to decern…it means he is not far.

Mark 8:30, 13:34, Luke 7:6, 15:20

When we say God is omnipresent it is within the confines of salvation.

Acts 22:21, Eph 2:13, 2:17

So Paul was saying that God makes himself findable.

Paul’s teaching in this text negates the theory preached by some preachers, “the stand alone concept of election”…saying that God has selected people who will be saved.

Election is not a standalone topic.

Salvation In Christ Is Located In God’s Foreknowledge:

Election is a product of foreknowledge and predestination. The foreknowledge of God is knowing before time and that is all. He is all knowing but does not influence the outcome of things neither does he influence the choices of man. He is not the initiator, hence he will not influence it.

What condition did he (God) make for man?

He first of all places a limit on man to look for man…When man goes off that limit it means man is seeking for something else.

A man just by looking can’t find God on his own.

What is Gods Habitation?

“Most people will tell you no body preached to me, i just asked God to come into my heart…bought a bible and followed God”.

God has made himself available to everyone.

We have found the revelation of God.

Jesus is the unveiling of the invisible God…when you see Jesus, you have seen God…Jesus is the only Exclusive revelation of God.

Verse 28

For in him we move and live and have our being…

The only thing we have as believers are things of the Spirit…

In Him we have life…this life is Eternal and is the real life.

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About The Author:

Dr. Abel Damina is the senior Pastor of Power City International Church,

Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

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