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Christian Bloggers:

Christian BloggersChristian bloggers: Christian bloggers are the bloggers that focuses their blogging on anything that has to do with Christianity. In this twenty first century, blogging has become a paramount branch of news dissemination. It is something Christians should not allow the opportunities that come with it to elude them. And as a matter fact, in revealing Christ to the world Christians have discovered that through blogging they can do much. As a result of this, many Christian bloggers have decided to get their hands dirty and be involved in blogging.

The fact is that the secular world has used blogging as a medium in advancing their businesses and antics. This divulges how useful blogging can be in revealing Christ if harnessed properly by Christian bloggers. The expectation is that with the level of development in information technology, through blogging news will always be at the finger tips. This implies that the dissemination of Christian news, sermons and teaching materials through Christian bloggers blogs will go viral.  Therefore, it is imperative to say that blogging should be a welcome development among Christians. And more so, it is expected that Christian bloggers should be encouraged by Christians.

Another fact to consider about blogging is that it’s a by-product of internet and internet rules the world at the moment. Over ninety percent of youth population in the world (Christian youths inclusive) accesses whatever information they want from the internet. This makes blogging a vital tool in the hands of Christian bloggers to ingratiate Christ in the hearts of youths.

Christian Bloggers Are Into Ministry:

Therefore, blogging for Christian bloggers is not just a hobby or business outfit but a ministry. And of course this is what it is, Christian bloggers have chosen a part in blogging and it’s their ministry. And since, Christian bloggers do not take blogging as a meal ticket they have to face several challenges. Blogging is not something that is done without monetary involvement; at least you have to get a domain name. A domain name is not always free meaning you have to purchase it. And in order to make your blog look very attractive, you must get a good theme. Some themes are a put-off for many readers even if the contents of the blog are of high quality.

So, getting a theme requires that you pay money. Another important thing to consider is how you can update your contents because blogging means you have to move with the trends. This means that Christian bloggers need many hands to be on deck in order to make their blogs viable. And these hands cannot work just like that; they need money as well because their time is committed. Therefore if any Christian blogger do not have money in order to push his blogging ministry forward the implication is that he might be out anytime.

Christian Bloggers Are Different From Secular Bloggers:

Christian blogging isn’t like secular blogging and because of this, Christians bloggers do not borrow leafs from the secular bloggers. Though bloggers, but they are two different entities and share virtually nothing in common. This is coming from the backdrop that what it takes to be a Christian blogger is very different from what it takes to be a secular blogger. This is a vital point every Christian blogger should grasp and not let go.

Initially, I said for Christian bloggers, blogging is a ministry and therefore it should be fulfilled, see Colossians 4:17. And if blogging is a ministry to Christian bloggers it means that all Christian bloggers are minister in Christ. Also as ministers in Christ, they must be grounded in the knowledge of Christ. This is very important because whatever they put in their blog will be used as a yardstick to judge their knowledge in Christ. This is the main reason they should not post whatever that comes their way even if it’s about Christianity. Christian bloggers are ministers and the work of ministers in Christ is to promote Christ and not to demote Christ.

Again, if it is not right for them to post whatever that comes their way even if it’s about Christianity on blog it means that secular things should be a no go area for them. This shows that Christian bloggers should not allow their blogs to be used to promote secular activities.

Scriptural Knowledge Is Required:

Therefore, every Christian blogger should be well equipped in the skill of writing and not just writing but writing quality write-ups. They should be skillful in writing articles that will promote Christ in the world even if the subject isn’t centered on Christ. This implies that Christian bloggers should be vast in the knowledge of the scripture in order to be able to do this. Also, being filled with the right knowledge of the scripture will help the Christian blogger to decipher what to post. See Acts 20:32, Colossians 1:9-10.

However, writing is an enthusiastic activity especially to bloggers who understand their onus in what they do. Therefore, pushing pen or sitting behind one’s system is not seen as a bored activity. To them they enjoy doing it because they see creativity, adventure and mostly, impartation of knowledge. They understand that through their write-ups many will accept Christ into their lives and the result of that is salvation. This is why they are carefree about how much money they make but focus on the ministry.

Many Christian bloggers are soul winners and they turn men to righteousness, see Proverbs 11:30, Daniel 12:3. But sometime this zeal can be slowed especially to those Christian bloggers in the third world like Africa. The power supply is in the lowest ebb and it takes power to charge one’s system in order to work. The lack of power means that the blogger will have to wait till the power is restored but the sad thing is that the restoration of the power might take days or months. In order to continue blogging the blogger has to source for another power supplying system and this doesn’t come without money.

The Christian Blogger Is Accountable To Christ:

Another factor a Christian blogger should consider is the fact that surprisingly Christians (churchgoers) might not be his source of traffic. Many of them do not patronize Christian blogs and they look the other way (secular). And most of them that do visit are faultfinders; they are not rational about doctrine.  Also if you want to employ extra hands do not really rely on them because they may work you down. Many churchgoers are pretenders and are not reliable. They are only interested in what they can make out of you and not what they can offer.

Lastly, since blogging to Christian bloggers is a ministry it implies that that they are up for spiritual reward and not earthly reward. Therefore, their focus is not how much that comes from the blog but how many souls that have been touched through their blogs. Their quest and yearning for traffic is not for the monetary benefit but for the soul winning purpose and benefit. And because of this, the Christian blogger should not be perturbed about his blog because he’s accountable to Christ not people.

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