When Women Are Barred From Ministry – Pastor Chris Onayinka

Church Ministering:

churchChurch: When Women are barred from ministry… (things to think upon before you sideline that sister)

I realize this might be a bull in a china shop for many… as touching women and ministry

From days of yore, her voice has been stifled, why this is so remains a conundrum…

Some have asked why Levi never chose a woman priest… yet Miriam was a prophetess

Even though today all believers are priests with greater substance and honor than Levi…

Deborah judged the Nation…

At the messiah’s incarnation, Anna was a prophetess who spoke and heralded His ministry…

Others have wondered why the Lord never chose a woman amongst the twelve…,

Yet how can we explain the Woman at the well and the Apostles, they preached and she did and many believed the Lord for her sake…

But am amused how a woman could have “left all” as the apostles did to follow, the home and kids and husband…, this might solve the puzzle at least a bit

Again, Mary Magdalene was the very first preacher of the gospel of Christ’s resurrection…

Joel’s prophecy speaks of sons and daughters, male and female servants of God, speaking for Him…

Yet few women were seen if at all…

Then emerges Priscilla, she taught and was a famed church leader…

Was she just a sovereign “exception” of God?

For she instructed Apollos and further, churches in a whole city!

By the way, to say she can’t preach or teach men will make fulfilling Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18(20), Luke 24:47 a big confusing scenario.

She would look away from non-believing males, boys in the children’s church and youth church too…

Church And Women Prophesying:

Now, it’s funny too if we might have to again look at prophesying…

Which is to instruct as well and teach, by inspiration

Paul says she (the woman) does this in church (1 Corinthians 11:5), would she have to face the women only to prophesy?

In Corinth again, he teaches that when we come together (which ought to be male and female) everyone should have a psalm, doctrine (teaching), how would the woman do this? By facing the women’s angle or corner in the service?

Oh, lest I forget, Paul teaches that when we sing to one another, like leading praise and worship, we sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to TEACH AND ADMONISH ONE ANOTHER…

The Law Of Spirit Of Life

In that case, if she’s barred from teaching males, she can’t even lead worship or praise in the services!

What a puzzle, but really not a puzzle, just a need to study and show ourselves approved and not muzzle her further has she had been even within historical scriptures and not the clearly exegeted body of scriptures.

Other questions arise, can she pastor based on 1 Timothy 3? But Priscilla,.

Can she lead ministries? But Junia…, an Apostle, (though many have tried to make her male unsuccessfully, others tried to reconfigure the texts in very ridiculous syntax insertion!)

It’s also intriguing that whilst Paul’s letter to Timothy for even deacons seems to not Include women, then who was Phebe whom obviously was so recognized? Maybe another exception like Priscilla and Junia or even Miriam, Deborah and Anna, maybe…

Which ever way am grateful for those who excelled in this exception through history…

Jareen Lee of United Methodist Episcopal church,

Sojourner Truth (another Methodist),

Church Women’s Contribution:

Phoebe Palmer (From the Methodist church too),

Fanny Crosby (Baptist and famous composer who sang many songs we have been taught from),

Catherine Booth of Salvation Army,

Amy Carmichael the Presbyterian,

The Revelation Of The Kingdom

Ida Robinson of the United Holy Church of America, oh my God Maria woodward Etter!

Aimee Semple Mcpherson of the Foursquare church, Kathryn Khulman…

Many more today…

Through the seeming harshness of society, submission in marriage, the pains and pressures of motherhood, yet doing the Master’s bidding, many pioneering churches, or serving as leaders in existing ones, many missionaries in foreign nations, many itinerant ministers, so many teaching us via songs, and would still battle doctrines of “let the woman keep quiet”

Kudos to you all may your tribe increase


I call you blessed

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