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Business Purpose:

Business PurposeBusiness purpose is the bull eye of every business establishment. For an establishment to succeed, every concept and ideas put in place to run the establishment must be built around its business purpose. A business outlet that doesn’t have business purpose is definitely an establishment without a standard. This is because imbued in a business purpose is the goals and aspirations of any establishment.

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In other words the goals and aspirations of an establishment must be achieved with its business purpose in view. The goals and aspiration of an establishment if pivoted around its business purpose will eventually culminate into what is called the business standard. The business standard of an establishment gives the definition of what the establishment stands for.

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People go into business to prove that they have something to offer that wasn’t there in the first place. This something they are offering is their standard and this standard makes them unique. So the uniqueness of an establishment can be ascertained by looking at the standard they have put in place. Therefore, the standard of any establishment becomes its selling point. This is factual because it is through their standard the fulfillment of their goals and aspiration will become a reality. And the actualization of the goals and aspiration will in turn be the actualization of their business purpose.

Business Purpose Is achievable With Right Employees:

The fact remains that no establishment will achieve anything without the hands of the employees. So the employees become a major component in the growth of any establishment. Therefore, for any establishment to grow it really depends on the kind and quality of employees it has. In order to make sure that the business purpose of an establishment is actualized it carries series interviews. And the purpose of the interviews is to get the right person that will do the job and as result bring the needed growth in the establishment. The growth of an establishment is an integral part of it that should be jealously guided and make such it is tenable. Based on this fact, sentiment while employing any person should not be considered. The right person suitable for the job should be given the job.

However, a believer who has the privilege should not employ another believer based on the sentiment that he’s a believer. If the believer merits the employment he should be employed. What an establishment needs is people who can do the job not people who plays religion. And it is important to note that being a believer shouldn’t be the criteria for job qualification. What does the job is one’s knowhow in a particular field not his religious inclination.

Dangers In Employing Believers:

There are so many dangers in giving an employment out based on sentiment, especially religious sentiment. Many believers do their job in their place of work with religious mindset not with business purpose mindset. Therefore, employing a believer who has religious mindset and approach in a system will definitely be detrimental. Many believers allow the activities in their workplace to clash with their church activities. And sometime they forgo their job assignments and settle with their church activities. And in this, they think they can pray whatever pressure that comes from their workplace off. They bring in spiritualization in their workplace.

As a believer know how you can use your gifts

Many employers who are believers have been disappointed after employing fellow believers in their establishments. Cases of truancy and lack of zeal have been registered against believers who are employed to work. They take solace in the fact that their employer is a believer as well will understand that they have to do that or this in the church. The fact is that the church didn’t employ you and as a result, such clashes shouldn’t be. The worst part is when the believer who is the employer complains the employee who is a believer takes him to their pastor. An official matter becomes a church issue and pastors can’t do otherwise than to sue for peace.

Some Believers Work Against Business Purpose:

There are lots and lots of issue generated by believers who are employees of other believers. The employees take things for granted and at the back of their mind is the idea that church will intervene. Many believer are lazy and don’t want to work. They are just interested in the benefits of the job and not how to build. They hate to work under target. That is they don’t like it when you ask them to meet targets. They will accuse their employer who is also a believer as being greedy over money. That is the time they know that their employer who is also a believer is not heavenly bound. If it’s possible some believers will appreciate it if they don’t come to work but at the end of the month they get their salaries. This is the kind of testimonies like to give in the church.

Therefore, if employing a believer will help bring down the growth an establishment, that believer should not be given the opportunity. Such opportunity should be given to an unbeliever who knows his onus in the job. The unbeliever who will come to work on time should be employed. That unbeliever who will be able to meet the target of the establishment and that unbeliever who is not lazy should get the job. The unbeliever who respects the job ethics should get the job. That unbeliever who is ready to improve in his skill acquisitions should get the job. Not the believer who is spiritualizing things and never want to grow in his field.

Don’t Bring In Religious Sentiment:

One thing any believer should have in mind is that the grace of God provides job for them but their knowledge in the field will help them keep it. You can’t pray for skills you keep your hands dirty and learn the skills. And the grace of God will guide you as you learn the skills but if you don’t learn the skills, the grace of God will have nothing to guide into. As a believer who is an employer, always follow your business purpose and don’t bring in religious sentiment in your business!

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