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Employee and the Employer:

EmployeeEmployee – An employee is someone who has been employed by an employer to work or render service(s). In other words, an employee is a labourer who works in an establishment. He does that to eke a living out of the service he renders for the establishment. The main purpose of setting up an establishment is to carry out business. Business simply means the act of creating and making money.

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This act of creating and making money requires the hands of others. And for this reason, establishments hire employees to carry out designated jobs for them. Any establishment going into business should as a matter of fact understand the ethos and norms of the business. And based on the understanding of what it takes to run a business, establishments form their regulations.

These regulations are what the employees will abide with as they work in the establishment. However, it is an understandable fact that anytime there are job openings; the privilege is given to whosoever. The ‘whosoever’ here includes the believers in Christ. The believers in Christ in order to sustain themselves have to work; this notion is coming from the bible injunction that says,

“Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.”

Ephesians 4:28:

“For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

2Thessalonian 3:10:

Employee And The Employer:

However, in most cases the owners of these establishments are not believers in Christ. Therefore, the ethos and regulations guiding the work place must be secular or worldly based. And here the believer as an employee in the establishment must abide by the dictums of the establishment. Certainly, the purpose of putting up an establishment is to create and make money. This is geared towards maximizing profits; anything short of making profit in a business is bad business. And surely, no business owner is ever interested in bad business because no one loses money and be happy.  It is therefore apt to say that businesses are profit oriented and driven.

It’s based on this very fact that every employee in any establishment must work hard to make sure that the aim of the establishment is achieved. The implication of this is that it is an act of insubordination for an employee to work without the mindset of making profit for his employer. The believer as an employee in any establishment should have this in mind and should be conscious of it. The mindset of an employee (believer inclusive) as regards to profit making will determine how better he does in an establishment.

The Mindset Of The Employee:

If a believer who is an employee in an establishment have coopted to have the mindset of making profit it means he’s good to go. However, in order to fully implement and induce this mindset in his operations in the establishment he must draw a borderline. The borderline must be between his life as a believer and his life as an employee of the establishment. These are two different entities and they don’t work together. For instance, it is the duty of every believer in Christ to preach the gospel to unsaved souls. And certainly, in many establishments in the world most employees are unsaved souls.

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The believer cannot say because there are many unsaved souls he must start preaching in his work place. This can lead to violation of ethos and regulations of the establishment and might result to punishment. Surely, the believer who preaches the message of Christ has done perfectly well but it will be an act of disobedience if he does that without the consent of the authority. This is not saying that it isn’t right to preach the message of Christ in our work places. The fact is that such must be done with the permission of the establishment and if they allow it, please go ahead. The duty of the believer as an employee of the establishment is to pray for open doors for the gospel.

Worldly Ethos And Norms:

Another thing a believer should take into account is the fact that establishments are ruled by worldly ethos and norms. And therefore, many abnormalities go beneath the surface of the activities in them. It is because of these abnormalities they are called worldly establishment. They can be found guilty of tax violations and many cover ups. You can’t say because you a believer you have to report them to government authority. You are not employed as a whistleblower! What they are doing is it right?

he answer is no but it is not your duty to expose them. However, if the believer finds most of the activities in an establishment very offensive and not in line with his faith he should relief himself of the job. This is why it is important for a believer to do thorough consideration before accepting job offers.

Sometimes, a believer is found working under a boss that is abusive and officious. In this kind of situation, the believer should maintain his nature in Christ. The believer should not retaliate or respond in the same manner to his boss. He must make sure that his words are seasoned with grace. However, what if your boss is a smoker and he asked you to go get cigarette for him? Well, you are not the one smoking the cigarette but let him know about the danger in smoking. However, you should also let him understand who you are and if the situation continues seek advice from your pastor.

Employee Can Opt To Be Out:

Meanwhile, most of these unwarranted situations will cease if at the point of employment your nature is revealed. This is why as a believer you shouldn’t hide your identity and if they know they will certainly respect you for who you are.

In conclusion, a believer as an employee should make sure he gets the kind of job that will help him serve God. It’s not a crime if you get in and out jobs because the jobs are not suitable for you. And remember, it is better to lose jobs than to lose your rewards in Christ!

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