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Singing Songs Matters:

Singing SongsSinging songs – In the Christendom singing song is a very vital integral part of their worship to God And in doing that, sometimes the singers are seen demonstrating emotionally the effect of the songs in them. So it is not out of place seeing worshippers sobbing and tears rolling down their chins while sing songs. And also seeing some lifting up their hands in a sanctimonious manner. As though; they are face to face with their God. Again, it’s not a surprising to see someone who came to Church service with a heavy heart putting on a cheerful face. This is while songs are going on because singing song is like the catalyst that stirs up the hidden joy in the soul of a man.

One important thing not to ignore while singing songs is that the songs are written in words. And the content of the songs are communicating vital information realities to the singer. In other words, the singer while singing songs is making a confession to his life. That’s why in the understanding of the confession he has no option than to break down emotionally. He does this without minding who is sitting next to him. And one wonders why such a ‘big’ person could stoop low emotionally. Well, is all because the words in the songs are communicating strong messages to his soul at that particular time. And as a result some stresses and heavy situations could be assuaged.

Singing Songs Is Making Confessions:

However, since songs are written in words and singing songs means making confessions. It means that such confessions signal or quicken an attractive or repugnant reaction from the singer’s spirit. The reaction therefore, is based on someone’s ability to relate with the message in the song. Here, while singing songs the level of understanding of the content of the song will reflect in his reaction. So, it apt to say that one can be emotional while singing songs that has wrong confession in it. This is because the person in question didn’t have a proper understanding of the content of the song. When he has proper understanding of the confessions in the song such songs will not put him on/off again.

Therefore, that a song makes people to be emotional while singing it doesn’t justify the confession in the song. However, the justification of a song is done by examining its content through the prism of the scripture. If it fails to scale through the validation of the scripture, that song no matter how melodious, sanctimonious and touching it sounds a believer shouldn’t sing it.

Singing Songs Should Reflect Who We Are In Christ:

As believers we should be occupied in singing songs that depict who we are in Christ. And also what we have become in Him. Since singing songs is a means of making confessions and what we confess in turn will definitely reflect to our image in God. This is because through singing songs we send messages to our spirit-man. When we sing songs that confesses things that the scripture didn’t say about us we are creating a wrong image of who we are. And definitely it will make us think less of who we are and consequently abuse ourselves spiritually. However, one may say singing songs does it matter? Is it not to sing and have fun? Well, spiritual things are not mere activities they are weightier than just having fun.

Below are some of the songs putatively through the prism of the scripture they are not depicting who we are in Christ and what Christ has wrought in us in Him.

These Are The Days Of Elijah

Well, these shouldn’t be the days of Elijah rather the days of the sons of God who we are. We are sons of God in Christ and better than Elijah who was a servant. Moreover our ministry is not found in Elijah but in Jesus Christ. As a result Elijah should not set the pace for us to follow. We are in Christ and we do the things Christ does not what Elijah did. Our behavior is patterned after Christ not after Elijah. See Luke 9:53-56. Elijah never gave anyone eternal life but Jesus did by His death. And we are in Him today giving people eternal life through the gospel. Therefore, these are the days of salvation not the days of destruction!

Jesus Na De Only Son Of God

Yes as the monogenes  (mon-og-en-ace) He was. But as the prototokos  (pro-tot-ok’-os) He’s no longer because we are His brethren as sons of God (Romans 8:29). So if you are sing or singing songs like this you are denying yourself the right of ‘sonship’ in God! See Romans 8:15 – 16, Galatians 4:6, Ephesians 1:5-6

When I come Into Your (God’s) Presence

Well, we don’t come into His presence we live in His presence. This is because we were born into Him (2 Corinthians 5:17). We are found in Christ and not outside Christ. So we live in Him and He lives in us and His Spirit and our spirit is joined together. The implication of this statement is that we are inseparable entity. The Church building isn’t the presence of God, it is a place we gather to demonstrate His presence in us. That’s why when we gather one sings songs and another gives sermon and the other gives prophecy. And His power and glory flows through us because we carry His presence wherever we go. See 2 Corinthians 6:16.

You Are The Lord… You Will Never Share Your With Anyone

This song is misleading. God has shared His glory with me and you if you are a believer. In fact for this reason we are created in Christ that we should show forth His praise and glory. See Isaiah 43:7. When God said He won’t share His glory with another He was saying that to idols not to His people. See Isaiah 42:6-8. Jesus gave us the glory He received from the father – John 17:22.

Draw Me Nearer … Draw Me Nearer To Thee

As a believer this song is not for you! You are not far from God and He is not far from you. He lives in you and you live in Him. You are His temple, so you are not far from Him. See 1 Corinthians 3:17.

Lord Prepare Me A Sanctuary

As a believer, the Lord will not prepare you, He has already prepared you a sanctuary in Him in Christ. His temple is not different from His sanctuary that you are!

Send Down Your Glory

The glory of God cannot be sent down from anywhere again. This is because you are the glory carrier. You just need to demonstrate it and people around will see it and praise Him!

Let The Weak Say I am Strong

In fact you are not the weak and should not be. The truth is that you are not supposed to pray for strength. You pray from strength because you were born into strength. Your placement is in Christ and in Christ there is no weakness. In Christ the authority has been given to you therefore you are not the weak!

Heavenly Race I No Go Tire

Heaven is not a race but a place and it is only located in Christ. If you are in Christ your existence is assured and even right now you are in heaven in Christ. The only way to be in heaven is to be in Christ and if you are not in Christ you can never be in heaven no matter the speed of your ‘race’. Wherever Christ is, is where you are!

Eternal, Eternal Life, I Want To Live Eternal Life God Save My Soul

Eternal life is a gift of God to them that believe in Christ. You don’t need to work for it, just by faith believe in Christ and you have eternal life. See John 3:16, Romans 6:23, 1 John 5:20.

However, there are many songs out there even written and sang by many notable figures that do not depict our nature in Christ. The accentuation here is based on the fact that it is very important for us to examine the type of song we sing. Or that we are asked to sing and if it isn’t declaring who we are in Christ, we should do away with it. Let us begin to sing songs according to knowledge and not according to what mollify our emotions. Remember, wrong songs create wrong confessions and wrong confessions create wrong mindsets. At the same time, wrong mindsets create wrong spiritual disposition and your disposition will tell much about the level of spirituality you will assume or attend in the spiritual cadre.

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