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Comedy Invasion:

Comedy InvasionComedy invasion is the latest negative thread that has invaded the church world in the recently. The church has added another ministry to the existing ones given by the owner of the church. Comedy invasion is a system by which comedy has been infused in the scheme of things in the church.

Castaway building the right understanding

Comedy invasion involves a comedian being invited to the pulpit and he or she starts to address the church in a rib-tickling way. His or her utterances may involve making jest of spiritual things including men of God. In some cases, the comedian may not be a member of the church that invited him or her. He’s free to use the pulpit anyhow within the set time given to him without interruption.

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A comedian is someone who ekes a living out of making jokes. This implies that he makes money by making jokes. Therefore, for churches to invite comedians it means they have to pay them money. And evidence on ground has shown that standup comedians do not charge peanuts as their honorarium. So, just standing for thirty minutes or a little more during the church service earns them tens of thousands.

Comedy Invasion An Unwarranted Ministry:

Comedy invasion is an unwarranted ministry that was created to fill a vacuum that has been in the church. This ministry was born because people who go to church these days go there to be entertained. Comedy invasion becomes a necessity because church goers are bored and someone must do something to stimulate them. Comedy invasion becomes the means to ease people from their burden and cause them to laugh out their sorrows.

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So, many who go to church are not happy people. This is because the church has nothing to offer that will make them happy. This explains the reason why many have opted not to go to Church. These days many go to church and at the end they find out that they learnt nothing. The man behind the pulpit says nothing different from what they can obtain from the streets. Hence the need to go to church is not there. So comedy invasion becomes the side attraction that helps to lure people to church. Interestingly, when people hear that a known standup comedian is coming to a certain church, it stimulates their zeal to attain the service. The service is expected to have a massive turn out just because those who are coming will come with their friends as well.

The Reason Behind Comedy Invasion:

The target is that people will come out massively and attain the service of that day and along the line the comedian will entertain them. The end result of this is that money box will be filled to the brim. This explains why the comedian should get a piece of the pie as honorarium. Meanwhile, a comedian takes honorarium home and an usher in the church for many years has a situation he’s left alone. Selah!

Forty days of Glory with Jesus

This is coming based on the backdrop that church is ‘business’ and has to be maintained. In order to maintain it, gimmicks and side attractions must be employed. Therefore, comedy invasion is that ministry that is created by these church owners in order to help the business floating. The comedians therefore are fellow builders because they help to maintain the flow of people to church. However, the comedy invasion ministry (aka ministry of happiness) is a ministry created out of fear.

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It’s born out of the fear that the level of attendance will dwindle. So there is the need for people to massively come to church even if they are not spiritually fed. What the owner of the church wants to see is just that crowd.

Comedy Invasion Is A Ruse:

The reality is that comedy invasion is one of the hoax that has been placed in the church in the recent times. This con called comedy invasion should be exterminated from the church because it wasn’t and never should be among the ministries in the church. The church of Jesus Christ is not an entertainment arena but a place where serious spiritual activities take place. Spiritual matters are not laughable matters.

People do not go to church to laugh but to learn and any preacher who does not know what to teach the people should quit. Notice that people are bored and unhappy because they are not learning anything in the church. Someone who learns doctrine from a church needs no comedian to stimulate him to come to service. Christians are not supposed to be motivated to come to church if actually they are getting what is needed.

Christ Should Be Preached:

Comdey InvasionIt is time to call these business owners to order, let them understand that they should not be concerned about the numerical growth of the church but about the spiritual growth of the church. It is not about how much people that gathered in the church but how well the people who are gathered are taught that matters. If gathering of people determines church growth, it means Jesus was a failure because He never had plenty people who are really His church members. In the early days of the Apostles what they were concerned about is how the believers could be fed spiritually not how they could be entertained.

Recently, it was reported that a known Nigerian musician stopped going to church because the few churches that he attended he was made the center of attraction. This is shameful and should be discouraged! The church has missed it when she stopped preaching Christ to believers. When Christ is preached, believers are made to receive the revelation who they are in Christ. If Christ is preached in the church, the comedy invasion ministry will not be needed in order to stimulate believers.

Jesus Is Lord!

Pastor Chukwuemeka Asiegbu is the pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Inter’l. He has authored many books and he’s behind several online Christian articles.

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