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Spirit filled booksSpirit filled books- Know Your Identity In God – By Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

An Identity is any logical term or diagrammatic description used in revealing a particular object be it man or anything. This is in order to create a perfect understanding of its true essence and nature as an existing entity. This description or logical terms as the case may be shall therefore, contain all the meaningful data of that particular object in order for a prospective user to attain perfection in the usage. It is pertinent to say, however, in case of divulging the information available and a deduction is being made knowingly or unknowingly, as a result, the identity of that particular object has been altered.

Just for instance, in this present day and age, we have what is called Identity Cards. This of course contains information of anyone bearing it. Perhaps someone has gone to collect his Identity Card, and along the line he discovered that though the photograph on the Card is his but the rest information are not. Ultimately, the individual will definitely reject the card. This is notwithstanding that his photograph appeared on the card. On the other hand assuming someone walking along the road picked up an Identity Card that is lost, perhaps he decides to locate the owner, it will be very easy and less stressful to locate the owner if the data on the card are correct and the reverse will be the case if the data are not correct.

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Spirit Filled Books – The Power Of Light:

Spirit Filled Books

The light in Genesis 1 was not created; rather it was a companion in the creation process.  At creation, light had a dominating power over darkness.  The platform for God’s work of creation to commence was set up by the Light.

However, Light continued to dominate humanity until when Adam fell. The fall of Adam gave back darkness domination over humanity. Since then darkness had continued to dominate mankind until Jesus-the Light of the world came. In His own words, Jesus quipped, “I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness” (John 12:46).

Living a life of dominion over the darkness in the world is possible if one has a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus, considering that He is the light of the world. It is only through such a relationship that one will begin to enjoy the power of that light. Jesus is the light that shines in darkness and the darkness cannot overshadow Him.

Well, you must not forget that living in such a great light that cannot be dominated by darkness, even in the midst of gross darkness, is only possible with Jesus. The kick off point for such a life of domination is to be born again. This is important because except you are born again, you cannot see the kingdom of God, let alone living in the light provided by that kingdom. Once you are born again, God’s light comes into your recreated human spirit. This however, is God’s responsibility. But maintaining this light is your responsibility, not God’s.

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Spirit Filled Books – The Aberrations:

Spirit filled booksI would begin by saying that “The Aberrations” is one of the excellent works God’s grace has helped Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu to bring forth. This book is an honest and practical attempt to help every Christian realize that we live in an era where it has become almost impossible to distinguish the Church from the world, given that what goes on in the world is what you will find also inside the Church. There seems to be a mix up.

In this classic piece, Chukwuemeka presents us with the big picture of God’s standard for His Church. We must be ready and willing to do things related to the Kingdom God’s way and not our ways. Our lives must reflect the Word of God we claim to have and know. We must make conscious efforts not to allow the world into the Church; rather we should take the Church into the world. This can only happen when all of us professing Christians begin to be practitioners of our professed faith, by leaning and depending on the truth learnt from God’s Word.

This book is an excellent book not only for Christians but also a must read by all Christian leaders. “The Aberrations” is a carefully presented needful voice of our generation, and I believe it will not be a wasted reading.

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The Earth Is From Nothing – Spirit Filled Book:

Spirit Filled BooksIt would be mystifying to me if someone were to walk up to me and said, “You are a product of an accidental occurrence.” This is because I cannot fathom that there is a rational and profound thought behind such avowal. And more surprising and worrisome is when such is nattered from the mouth of a putative enlightened mind. One gets flustered in his mind that this despicable repudiation is being foisted on humanity regardless of evidences that have shown that life and the process of existence is being propelled and piloted by a system which indicates the presence of an initiator…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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Man – Spirit Filled Book

Spirit Filled BooksLike I rightly said earlier, man is an offshoot of God, a fact that makes him an inimitable creature, designed in his real nature as the image of God. He is an embodiment of God’s likeness infused in an earthen vessel as a means to enable him to display the God like nature in him. That is to say that he is an embodiment of God’s wisdom, talents and creativity, a being that is not defined and limited by the location of where he is born, by the financial capacity of his parents, by the colour of his skin and not even by the race he belongs, and should never be defined by the level of his height nor by the ability or disability of his physical structure, but by the grace of endowment he has received from God

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