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Vessel Of God:

Vessel Of GodVessel of God is that believer in Christ and God uses him to demonstrate His wisdom and knowledge to the world. It’s through this vessel of God principalities and powers will come to know the wisdom of God (Ephesians 3:10). The purpose of God for man is that all men should come to the knowledge of Him and acknowledge that He is their creator. And that all can become vessel of God and He can live in them and work through and in them. The New Testament is all about this purpose which is how God can come and dwell in man. Vessel of God is that believer who God expresses Himself through him.

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The New Testament initiates man as the vessel of God. In this new order God does not dwell in temples made by hands (Acts 17:24 – 25). The New Testament is divinity in Humanity which means man living the God kind of life. That is the exceptional life that is not noticed in the ordinary life of a man on the street. This is the difference between the vessel of God and the man on the street. In the life of every vessel of God the only thing permanent is frequent occurrence of extraordinary things. That is to say that in the vessel of God those things that are not normal become normal.

Vessel Of God Has The Indwelling Spirit Of God:

Again every vessel of God, I mean a man rooted in Christ, doesn’t align with the normal life. That is that kind of life that is subjected to the things which nature imposes on people. This is possible because of the power of the indwelling Spirit of God in them. He has been made a partaker of God’s divine nature. That nature that does not recognizes the existence of the natural causes or laws. And also does not exist within the vagaries of the forces of nature. The vessel of good isn’t like the natural man who’s subjected to the things nature can impose on him. The desires and lust of the flesh doesn’t control the vessel of God because he has his existence in God. Though the urge may come, but because of the inherent power of the Holy Spirit in him he overcomes. See 1 John 3:9.

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The life of any vessel of God is beyond the comprehension of any man. The ones who can understand him are those who are of the same spiritual family with him. His life looks very strange because it doesn’t comply with what is obtainable in the world system. So he’s seen in the world but he’s not of the world. This implies that he doesn’t think the way the world thinks and behaves (John 17:16). The New Testament therefore, is a testament that God has initiated in order to restore man to his lost glory.

The Vessel Of God Has Been Restored To Glory:

The sin of Adam brought all men under the subjection of power of sin. And as a result no one is able or has the capacity to live above sin. The continuation of life of sin means living a life in Adam. And in Adam the glory of man departed as a result of sin. See Romans 3:23.

However, in Christ is the restoration of this glory, because the Christ came and fulfilled that which Adam couldn’t do. And in this fulfillment is the restoration of man’s glory. The restoration of man’s glory means the establishment of God’s righteousness in man. This implies that the life of any vessel of God is a life of righteousness. This is because those who live their lives in Christ have received the forgiveness of their sins and no longer come short of the glory of God. This is an act of God Himself see Romans 3:21 – 22, 24 – 25, 1 John 2:12.

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Here, the Grace of God epitomizes the will of God by teaching man how to live God’s kind of life. And by this means the vessel of God takes the nature of God. This depicts that righteousness is a gift from God and not a reward from Him to man. This is because there is no way man could have met the standard of God in order to merit His reward.

The New Testament therefore, is that initiative God has taken in order for Him to become everything man will ever need and desire in life.

God Died To Make Man His Vessel:

So in Christ, God has become our righteousness, wisdom, sanctification and redemption (1 Corinthians 1:30, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Ephesians 1:11). He took it upon Himself to take up our sins and suffered for us. So that no vessel of God will go through the pains and punishment met for them. This was not done as a result of our confession or wailing but by His infinite mercy His Grace was made manifest to deliver us and crown us with His own righteousness. In the New Testament, man is rightly established in Christ by faith. And by this man obtains the righteousness of God and in this righteousness is the establishment and restoration of the lost glory.

Man therefore has made peace with God because of his faith in Christ and this has brought justification to him. See Romans 5:1, 10 – 11.  And by this faith he has been enabled to have access to the grace of God. There is no longer a wall of separation between man and God. Praise God! The death of Christ is not only a demonstration of God’s love for man; it also depicts how much value He placed on man.

The fact that God decided to take the form of man and not only that He went ahead to stoop low to die in place of man means that He has no less value for man. This is an indication that the level of love and value He has for Christ is the same level of love and value he has for man. The purpose of Christ coming to die is to bring man to the value he supposed to be in God.

God And Man Are In Oneness:

This level of value is that oneness with God (John 17:21). This is the level or position God has destined for man even before the foundation of the world. See Ephesians 1:3 – 14. The testimonial of the New Testament is that man has been brought into God’s class. Therefore, man has become a partaker of God’s divine nature in Christ.

It is the will of God that everyone should become His son in Christ. So the death of Christ is to bring man to the position of sonship in God. The New Testament establishes the reality of men becoming sons unto God. As many that believes in the Christ are given this privilege and power to be called sons and not servants. See John 1:12.  In the Old Testament such privilege was not there. They were known as servants and as servants the never knew the secrets of the kingdom.

That is those secrets that are now revealed to sons Luke 10:22 – 24. And as sons they are heirs of God, which means all God has is theirs and fully belongs to them. This is the product of the unsearchable riches of Christ, which He made possible by His death, burial and resurrection. His death liberated man from every satanic entanglement which depicts poverty, sickness, defeat, rejection, humiliation and every negative vice.

The New Testament is a testament of freedom, anyone looking for freedom should accept the reality of the New Testament. And he or she will begin to experience liberation in all his or her dealings in life.

New Testament Is A Call To Freedom:

That is to say that the call of the New Testament is a call to freedom. And as many that are ready to accept this call are by the reason of the resurrection power obtain it. However, they are given a responsibility in Christ and that is to become people who are reconciling men unto God. I mean making men to understand the need to accept this grace God has poured out for all men. See 2 Corinthians 5:18 – 19. Letting the world to know that in Christ God has nailed their sins. And He would want them to be freed from the chains of evil. This is the New Testament! And as many that have received this gospel has become able minister of the New Testament.

And again, God still maintains the status quo, as regards to man’s will. God is not bringing man to this reality by means of compulsion. No! He has offered this freedom by His grace and it is left for man to accept it willingly.

Vessel of God Exists in God’s Grace:

The result of this is that the grace will begin to work in his or her life. Understanding this truth will make so much difference in the life a vessel of God. It is not a feeling but a knowing. It is a thing that should be inculcated into the spirit of each vessel of God. The knowledge of what the grace of God has offered to mankind is a great advantage as regards to one living out his or her Christian life.

However, if one doesn’t understand what the New Testament stands for he will be a believer for nothing. That is the realization of the purpose of why he is a believer will be elusive to him. And because of this he will continue to find himself in bondage of what he has been liberated from.

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