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Christian Growth Standard:

Christian Growth StandardChristian growth standard is that growth standard that weighs the growth level of Christianity within the dictum that established it. Therefore, Christian growth standard is the balance that determines if Christianity is growing in the right direction or not. Suffice it to say that whenever something is established, the usual expectation is that growth should be made possible. If something stays stunted after being formed or established, it depicts a negative situation and should be tackled.  It’s important to state that before any situation can be tackled the root cause of the situation should be ascertained. Uprooting the cause of the situation will definitely help in demising the situation. And such allows the sole aim and purpose of the establishment to manifest and flourish.

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However, the need for growth in Christianity is very important. But one cannot lose sight of the reality that it is also important to make sure that the growth standard is in the right direction. This statement proves that, there is a positive and negative growth. A positive growth could be ascertained based on the performance of Christianity when juxtapose with the purpose and plan of Christ. If growth standard is in line with the purpose of Christ, it is therefore in the right direction. This implies that growth standard can be negative if it showcases anything outside the purpose and plan of Christ. Notwithstanding that there is a visible growth.

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Christian Growth Standard The Weighing Balance:

It is right to say that Christianity should stand and display the thought, desire and intention of Christ. For this purpose weighing Christianity through Christian growth standard helps to make sure that it symbolizes and expresses the thought of Christ. It is only by this that people can look at Christianity and read the mind of Christ from it. In this case, if one wants to know what is in the mind of Christ, one could tell it from Christianity because it represents him. The goal of maintaining the right Christian growth standard is that through Christianity the idea and purpose of Christ is induced and imparted in the world. The outcome of this is that with the right Christian growth standard in place, the world will begin to tend in the direction of Christ.

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For instance, the advert of internet has made the world to have a drastic turnaround in the communication world. It shows that the brain behind the establishment of internet has revolutionized the way communication is being operated. And the world cannot help but adapt to it. The truth is that one cannot talk about internet without talking about coding. The world of internet is the coding world. The languages spoken in the internet world is coding language. And for one to participate he or she should go learn coding. And in coding, you don’t just input anything. You must make sure it is in line with the coding codes. If not the codes will not comply and the result will not manifest. Surprisingly, a coma if found missing or misplaced in a line of code, will break an entire codes.

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Christian Growth Should Depict The Mind Of Christ:

There should be a pattern to follow in order to relatively showcase the mind of Christ in Christianity. If not the purpose and plan of Christ will be defeated. And when the purpose is defeated, the effort put in place to establish the entity becomes a futile one. That is why the right Christian growth standard should be put in place to weigh its growth. Therefore, notice that for success to be seen in Christianity, the right Christian growth standard is a vital key. This is important because Christian growth standard should be the root of growth in Christianity.

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Considering the fact that through it the purpose and thought of Christ is dissipated and showcased in the world. However, if the right Christian growth standard is not followed a negative or stunted growth will occur. And such is very detrimental to Christianity. The benefit of establishing and following this standard are enormous. It will help to establish consistency in revealing the mind of Christ in the world. And once there’s consistency it means that whatever Christianity is showcasing is trusted and reliable for consumption. Lack of this standard will bring in irregularities in the way and manner the message of Christ has been preached. And inconsistency depicts falsehood, because consistency means clarity and truthfulness.

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The Message Is The Fulcrum For Growth:

Christian Growth StandardTruthfulness here can be defined by the level of trustfulness and dependability such message has imbued in the heart of receivers. It is important to state that it is the message that depict if Christianity is balanced on the right Christian growth standard. And the fulcrum that uplifts growth is the message. And if message has imbued trustfulness and dependability in the heart of people and it is contrary to the right Christian growth standard, that message is false. The implication of this statement is that going contrary to the right standard is falsehood no matter the dividend.

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The umpire to decide if any growth is in the right standard is the mind of Christ for Christianity. Any growth which does not tally with the thought of Christ for the church is pure pseudo growth. It doesn’t matter if the so called growth is acceptable in the sight people. Here, people’s opinion doesn’t count, what counts is the standard put in place by Christ.

Christianity as a spiritual institution has standard and its standard is pivoted around its spiritual book. So the right Christian growth standard is coined from the Christian spiritual book. All opinions, conducts and activities are justifiable based on the stipulations of the spiritual book.

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The Bible Has The Last Say:

And if the spiritual book says otherwise to any conduct or attempt aimed at growth so be it. This deduces the fact that members or loyalists do not have opinion but should be humbled under the rules and regulations of the bible. Any action contrary to its stipulation means disloyalty and should not be condoned for effective and efficient operation of Christianity.

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The bible displays the mind of Christ for Christianity and Christians can decipher the right Christian growth standard from it. What we do is to plant seeds and the Lord gives increase but somehow along the line we are going contrary. Many do not allow the Lord to give increase even at His own time. They manipulate things and devise many shortcuts in order to make the increase or growth happen. This is not the mind of Christ!

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