These Should Not Deter Your Progress In Life Part Three – Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Moving Forward In Life – Your Level of Knowledge

Moving Forward In LifeMoving forward in life should be the mindset of anyone who wants to progress in life. And one of the things someone should consider while moving forward in life is knowledge. Interestingly knowledge here means someone’s level of awareness as regards to things of this life. Do not be deceived by the notion that you don’t need to know this or that no matter whose mouth natters it. Don’t be complacently relaxed and irrationally hook yourself to the level of knowledge you have acquired on a particular field. This will definitely affects the idea you have in moving forward in life. Therefore, don’t say after all I am on the top, I don’t need to be taught.

It is important that you brace yourself with the latest knowhow about your profession and beyond your profession. This will definitely aid you to maintain your statuesque and astuteness in your profession. Certainly, there are some situations in which the knowledge you garnered from outside your profession can in a way help you solve some glitches in your own field. And if you don’t have such knowledge what it means is that another expatriate could be hired. And that to an extent will tell on your position, reputation and even your earnings. Some sterling knowledge, especially in this computer age is necessary to be acquired, and such should not elude you.


Moving Forward In Life – Your Purpose:

Don’t be deceived, your purpose in life must be in line with your God-given endowment. One of the things one should always grasp while moving forward in life should be his God-given endowment. Your endowment specifically determines what your purpose in life must be. Considering the fact that while moving forward in life a purposeless life will definitely be deterred. However, you cannot map out a purpose that is outside your endowment and expect momentous success from it. So don’t be persuaded by people who encourage you to try to do anything. When asked they claim that it doesn’t matter. According to them what matters is that you have to start from somewhere. Well, I also believe you should start from somewhere, but I also need to remind you that any time wasted may not be gained again.

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Doing anything is not anything but doing something is something. It is important to be definite while moving forward in life than to be here and there. Therefore, if you need my opinion then I would suggest that you try your hands on something that will definitely define your purpose according to your endowment. One has to understand that his or her life should be spent in a meaningful way. And the only meaningful way you can spend your life is to live a life of purpose. This is because any life without a purpose is as good as meaningless.


Your Character In Moving Forward In Life Matters:

Moving Forward In LifeIn moving forward in life character someone’s character and manner of approach matters. Don’t be deceived by your level of knowledge in any career, or by how skillful and brilliant you are. The fact to accept is that is possible for one to have all that it takes to gain a position in any establishment.

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However, even if the establishment is yours, if you have a negative character, be rest assured that you will not stand longer than required. No one grows above his or her character! I say so for the simple reason that your character will either draw people to you or repel them from you. And if people are not coming to you it will be an impossible task for you to think of achieving your desired aim and purpose in life. And what that means is that your moving forward in life will be impeded.

Your Source Of Information:

It is factual to say that while moving forward in life someone requires to be informed. Nevertheless, it’s important for the person in question to be very careful where he gets his information from. One thing I would recommend is that one makes sure that the information at his disposal at any time is authentic. If not, one will end up having a wrong judgment of the situation at hand.

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Also, it is interesting to know that your ability to understand and rightly decipher the information at your disposal will definitely help in resolving issues in your life. It requires that one takes rigorous steps in analyzing any information one has at hand. For the simply reason that it will certainly determine the kind of decision to take.

Moving Forward In Life – Your Past:

Certainly it is not right to combine your effort in moving forward in life with the crumbs of your past. There are a lot of people whose major issue deterring them from moving forward in life is the hurting and hunting of their past. What I mean is that they have allowed events of the past in their lives to manipulate and construe them.

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The outcome is that they have remained stagnated. I would like to draw your attention to this very fact. And that is if someone cannot lay claims of anything in the past it doesn’t mean that he cannot lay claims of things in the future. Therefore, the past of someone cannot be used to judge his or her future. One should not allow the failure that took place in the past to hold him captive. As a matter of fact one’s life is not about who he was in the past, but who he becomes in the future.

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