These Should Not Deter Your Progress In Life – Part 2 Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Life Achievements And Your Paper Qualification:

Life AchievementsLife achievements should not be limited within boundaries of the paper qualification one has. Your life achievements should not base on anything you must have read in school. The truth remains that you are much bigger and vast than all your paper qualifications put together. You can create jobs out of anything you have read. And you can as well become anything outside whatever you have read in school. It is not just about what you read, but what you can devise out of what you have read. And also how much better you can walk above what you have read in school.

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The real test of life is not based on how brilliant someone’s certificate appears and how well he performed while in school. But on his or her level of credulity in withstanding the challenges that life imposes right after school. Consequently, one is not expected to be circumscribed within the periphery of what he has read.  Anyone who circumscribed himself within what he has read should not expect his life achievements to be bravura.


Your Parents And Your Life Achievements

For one to excel better in his life achievements he shouldn’t believe the myth that if his parents are poor he’s going to be poor. This is a lie from the pit of hell. Your parent’s testimony cannot be yours if you look away from their financial background and be who you’re supposed to be. So, don’t believe that whatever your parents are is directly going to affect you in life. Remember, not everyone whose parents were rich ended up being rich.

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And not everyone whose parents were poor ended up poor. Many have broken the barriers of poverty and became wealthy. This is because they never believed that what their parents were would determine what their life was going to be. And many whose parents were rich became poor because they solely relied on their parents’ life achievements. The result is that they never worked hard to improve on themselves. And the outcome is that they lost their testimony.


This has become the fastest way of becoming rich and great in the society. However, be informed that those who steal to make life achievements are the poorest people of the world. Poverty is a thing of the mind. Those who steal are poor in their mind, and it means that their mind cannot produce anything better. And therefore, they cannot add anything good to the society. And because they steal from the society they can never improve the society.

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So don’t believe in stealing, rather believe that you have much to offer the society. And as a matter of fact you are richly blessed on the inside. Those who steal from the society certainly owe the society. And the society will someday ask them to refund whatever they have stolen. They may be jailed, humiliated, castigated because of their vileness against the society. But those who contribute immensely to the growth and betterment of the society are rewarded for their benevolent act towards the society. Here, one’s level of life achievements is scaled by the level of input he has made into the society.


Your Gender And Your Life Achievements:

Do not allow yourself to be circumscribed by your gender. The endowment you have received from God didn’t come to you because you are a male man or female man. But because you are a soul He has created. It is well understood that the society has some disdain attitude toward the female man. And that is in terms of their participation in certain profession, and likewise the male man. Well, you should not allow your life to be interpreted by the thoughts of the society. You shouldn’t live the kind of life the society has created for you. But the kind of life God has created and endowed you with. This is very important and will enhance your ability in making your life achievements possible. The disparity and disparagement of the society will only end if you continue to stand.

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And most importantly showcase the stuff you are made of and ushered in your feat in that designation that is known as no go area for your gender. As a female man it is not proper for you to live your life to the admiration of the male. That is to say that your life is based on the evaluation of the male man. The implication is that whatever their judgment is about becomes who you are.  I am not trying to preach gender equality here. It is a different page all together.  The point is that one has to stand right in order to define himself according to the standard God gave him.

Your Beginning:

You should remove that shyness and timidity that deters you from showcasing what you have. Your life achievements should not base on how glaringly captivating and ravishing the moment is. You should understand that it is not all about your beginning but your ending. On several occasion that I had the privilege of watching these long distant race runners, I noticed that those who start slowly but maintain a steady speed, in most cases, win the race.

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At the beginning it would appear as if they have no strength in them. And anyone could easily write them off. In fact one can declare that it is not possible for them to make it to the end. The reverse is true. Not only that they make it to the end but they end up even winning the medals. You cannot actually be defined by your beginning. If you have this thought consistently kept in your mind you have done well. This is because you will never withhold yourself from making whatever endowment you have known to the world.

Pastor Chukwuemeka C. Asiegbu is the pastor of Saved In The Lord Evangelical Ministry Int’l. He is also an author of many books namely: The Earth Is From Nothing, Man, The Power Of Light etc. You can contact him here

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