These Man’s Inhumanities To Man Should be Stopped – Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Man’s Inhumanity To Man:

Man's InhumanityMan’s inhumanity to man is avoidable if we understand that man is created in the image of God. As the carrier of God’s presence, and as the only creature created in the image of God. Man should as a matter of fact be valued and honoured for who he is. Man’s inhumanity to man should of course be avoided if we know and accept that man is the king of the earth. And this treatment should be given to every man on earth.

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This is because all souls are equal before God. What this means is that nobody is to be seen as a lesser soul or man. And because every man is created in the image of God, and there is no lesser part of God. Therefore, man’s inhumanity shouldn’t have a place among men. It is true that privileges are given to some people, but such privileges should not take ascendancy over the core existence of fellowmen.

Privileges Shouldn’t Be The Reason For Man’s Inhumanity:

If we understand the main reason why God gave such privileges and opportunities to some people Man’s inhumanity to man will not arise. And actually, such privileges and opportunities are given to men for the service of their fellowmen.  Therefore they are not expected to use such as a tool against their fellowmen. It’s disheartening to know that a lot of grievous and unwarranted inhuman acts are done on man by fellowmen. And such acts are serious violation to the nature of man as the image of God.

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As the image of God, no material resource, possession, or achievement in any field should be considered important than man. The peaceful and wellbeing of man should be placed as the top priority. Again, considering the position of man as the king of the earth and as the only creature that is created in the image of God. These man’s inhumanities as listed below should not be meant on any man no matter his race or background.

Human Sacrifice – Man’s Inhmanity:

It is important to note that if some men are privileged today and the rest are not, it doesn’t mean that the ones who aren’t will never be privileged in their life time. Everyman is a potential leader in any field; it is just a matter of time. As the image of God, man is a god roaming around the earth and taking care of it. This implies that man is greater than any idol on the face of this earth. And therefore, should not be used to conciliate an idol.

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This man’s inhumanity is an insult to who man is and to his authority as the caretaker of this earth. This inhumanity of course reduces man’s integrity and value. Remember, no idol was given the command to be the overseer of the earth. It was man that God gave the audacity to control and dominate the earth. And the earth here everything found on the surface of this earth all idols inclusive. An idol is what it is because man has given it that position and privilege.

Ritual Killing – Man’s Inhumanity:

No material acquisition is worth the value of man. On no account should man destroy the life of fellowmen because he wants to acquire money. And not even any material thing cum political position in the society. Man is created in the image of God. And such man’s inhumanity and vile gesture can be interpreted as an attempt to exterminate God’s image. And just for the sake of some momentary pseudo ecstatic position or condition. One should understand that killing of another man means cutting short the program and plan of God on the earth. Exchanging the life of man for any material or immaterial gain is a vicious and heinous crime against God. Remember God created man and endowed him with His purpose and plan on earth.

Slavery And Human Trafficking:

Man's InhumanityThis man’s inhumanity against man should be discouraged and discontinued, because it negates all that man stands for. No man should be seen as being superior to another. Even if he is made a king over the other what he should realize is that he is a king because of the existence of the latter. No king governs an empty space and remains a king. The act of slavery and human trafficking socks on the true image of man. It spots vulnerability on man and kills everything man should have become.

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People who become slave or being trafficked cannot find it easy to fully express themselves. The fact is that they will find it difficult to achieve the desired goal of their life. And if such impediment is present in one’s life automatically whatever such a person can offer the world will not really be actualized. Instead of adopting and trafficking someone as a slave, make him a work partner. I feel it will be better to engage him in a job no matter how menial it is. Inasmuch as he receives payment for the service offered. This will certainly help to bring out the human dignity that is in him. Also it will enhance him to flourish and actualize his purpose in life.



Man should not be used as a sex symbol because all that is in man is all about sex. The value of man is far greater than any sexual satisfaction one can enjoy from the act of sex. If sexual act is not properly conducted in the rightful manner as supposed, will certainly demoralize whoever is involved. And eventually render the people involved useless. This kind of man’s inhumanity should be disused because it’s a blow on human dignity.

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When the heart of people is debased in this manner it is detrimental. This is because they see the act of selling their body as the only means they can make ends meet. In fact this calls for a serious concern. This act however, is a sure means to destroy one’s rich endowment from God. It will also mean that whatever inherent talents in them will certainly be eroded out and their lives will be emptied.

Starvation: Man’s Inhumanity

The Creator of the earth created the earth and arrayed features and vegetation in an unevenly manner. One thing that we can be sure of is that every part has what it takes to sustain the life. Sometimes we have unusual situations created by nature or humans which results in shortage of supply of the human necessities. As a result, some parts of the earth will end up experiencing shortage of food. And people in that area will definitely die in their numbers while being watched by fellowmen as they die.

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It should be regarded for sure as a contemptible act that men will watch fellowmen die because of starvation. Man’s inhumanity here is that they have the means to quell such a human devastation but recuse themselves. That fellowmen pine in the midst of plenty is such a vicious and guttural way of life to live. And as a matter of fact we should stand against this man’s inhumanity.  It is quite a shameful situation to talk about in this day and age. An age is full of bright elites sitting at the helm of affairs of great institutions and policy making bodies.

The Pretense:

And yet all we have are myopic views regarding this issue. As a result, meaningful steps should be taken to quell such unacceptable situations wrecking humanity. Unfortunately the funds that should have been used to ameliorate this situation are diverted to some inconsequential areas. And this is contrary to everyone’s expectation. This act of conspicuous and deliberate negligence to man’s needs is a crime against humanity. And also against the core value of what man stands for. There is no investment whatsoever that is worth the value of any man.

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And therefore shouldn’t take primacy over the existence of man. It is an improper act that man should invest massively in the production of weapons of mass destruction. And also, in the profligate venture of space and rocket science and millions of men are dying as a result of hunger. What is it that man is looking for in the space that is of great important than the lives of fellowmen?

Racism: Man’s Inhumanity

As stated before, man is created in the image of God. The implication of this statement is that man is not just an offshoot of God. But he has been equally designated to abode in this physical earth. This is in order to take care of God’s creation from a godly perspective. In God, there is no inequality. This means that God created all souls equal and placed them in earthen vessels that He made in colours. This also indicates that each earthen vessel carries a soul that is equal to the other irrespective of its colour.

Based on this, there is no substandard soul inasmuch as the content is equal. Though, sometimes some are privileged for obvious reasons not really comprehend. However, the bottom line of this statement is that the content of the earthen vessel is equal. And consequently, the colour of the earthen vessel should not be the yardstick to measure the value of its content.

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In that case, any racial act against fellowmen is downright disdain and should be considered as a crime against humanity.  And therefore this man’s inhumanity should as a matter of fact be discouraged. No one should be reticent on this issue. We can all show our concern through our body gestures if not outspokenly.  And of course such will facilitate and strengthen the bond that binds us as humans. One important factor to also consider is the process of blood transfusion. Inasmuch as the blood that runs through the blood stream matches, it’s accepted irrespective of the colour or race.



Interestingly though all men are equal before God their Creator. Yet He allowed some men to have some privileges over others because He wanted to prove something through them. Assuredly, God endowed or gave people these privileges in order to use them to enhance the good of fellowmen. Therefore, these privileges should be seen as a means for one to carry out his God-given duties towards fellowmen. But the reverse has become the case. There are many to whom these privileges have been given yet they are using it to suppress their fellowmen.

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Those who are privileged to be in positions are using their positions as a means to lurk around their fellowmen. This is done by manhandling and rendering them useless. Unfortunately, this in a way defeats the purpose and plan of God in giving them these privileges. However, they will someday account for their actions and whatever they have used the privileges given to them to do.

Religious Bigot:

It is very important for man to understand that before he gets involved with any religion he was first human. Therefore, humanity becomes the first constituency of man. As a result man has no other choice except to be human. This implies that whatever he has becomes should be for the purpose of gratifying his constituency and bettering its lots. As factual as the statement is that man is first of all human before belonging to any religion.  It’s imperative to emphasize the fact that religion should be a tool in the hand of man to improve himself. On that note, segregation against fellowmen on the backdrop of religion should be seen as a crime against humanity. This man’s inhumanity should not be condoned.

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Sometimes we think these things are mere entertainment, but on the contrary it is an insult to humanity. Staging a fight for two human beings and stacking or tagging money on it is inhuman. It means that the amount of money placed on the fight is the value of their dignity. Whichever way you look at it, the fact remains that the amount of money involved cannot be compared to their value. Hence they are fighting over what is supposed to be their subject. In the right opinion, it is better to abrogate the existence of certain sports that violate the dignity of man. For the mere reason that they don’t represent what man stands for. It is not proper to exchange punches and kicks because we want to make money.

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