The Invisible Nature Of God Is Not A Factor – Pastor Chukwuemeka Charles Asiegbu

Invisible Nature Of God:

Invisible NatureInvisible nature of God is not a factor to reckon with. Now let’s consider a situation in a family, where the father of the house comes up with an assertion that no one goes out of the house on a certain day of the week. The implication of this is that his family would be expected to stay indoors on that particular day every week. Though the law in question is not written and hung on any place in the house.

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This fact renders and suggests that the nature of the law is invisible. And though the law is invisible the reality is that every member of his family observes and obeys it. The fact to consider is that, the invisible nature of the law is perceptible by any member of his family. Yet it exists in their hearts and as a result, it controls events in the house.

Consequently, the implementation and interpretation of this law among his family members is something that makes the law visible. No one would say that because of the invisible nature of the law that it doesn’t exist. The beauty of it is that the law has been written on their hearts and they obey it. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if it is written and hung on the wall of the house or not.

Physical Things Speaks Volumes About God’s Invisible Nature:

We can as well juxtapose this to the mere existence of the physical things our eyes can behold. Their physical existence signifies the handwork of someone and His invisible nature shouldn’t undermine His existence. Also considering the fact that for now there is no way we can scientifically or otherwise give a detail account of how for instance the trees and other numerous things came into being.

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The invisible nature of God to our eyes does not mean that God is absent from the world. Also, it doesn’t mean that God is not conversant with the whole activities going on the surface of the earth. God in His nature is all knowing and therefore nothing takes Him unawares. However, one of the highlights people who argue that God doesn’t exist is that He keeps quite in days of trouble. So if there is God people shouldn’t die in the hands of natural disasters and perilous occurrences.

However, the existence of God is undoubtedly an established fact.  And this fact is independent of any concurrence or acquiescent gestures from creatures that He has made.  In that case, visible and invisible nature of God shouldn’t really justify His existence.

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Interestingly, there is no way one can attest to the reality of what one has no knowledge about. Although one may receive some news making around a particular technological breakthrough. Inasmuch as one lacks experience of it, trust in such stories is just half baked. There must be a real touch experience in order to guarantee trust.

Experience Matters In The Knowledge Of God:

Recently, a man who went to jail ten years back was informed about the technological advancement taking place through computer. His reply was that such things were not real, and that they could only happen in the dream world.

Therefore, telling things about God to so many who have not had an experience with God seem like fantasies. Hence their disbelief in the existence of God and the flimsy excuse of His invisible nature.

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Like stated earlier, the level of wisdom one can attest to rightly depends on the amount of information he has. Also, the effectiveness of one’s wisdom rightly and wholly depends on one’s ability to digest the information correctly. The level of wisdom one demonstrates about anything depends on the level of information he has about that particular thing.

Because of this some people demonstrate greater wisdom in a particular thing. And when they do that, others who lack better information about the situation or thing become surprise at their exploit. As a result many who could not understand their exploit will castigate them and see impossibility in their feat.

To demonstrate a better level of wisdom in the knowledge of God, it depends on what one knows about God.  And also how much of these information one can rightly comprehend. So when the question of the existence of God comes up, overwhelming majority of people furious declare that He is and will always exist. This is not based on a mere religious hoopla and hype. But it is based on their personal experiences and communications with God.

God’s Existence Cannot Be Explained By Observation:

Invisible NatureThe existence of God is literally not a thing that can be conceived by physical observation. It takes depth of knowledge about and intimacy with God to embrace this fact. The people who concur that God exists, does so based on the fact that, they have better understanding about God. And also about His existence and as well they have better relationship with Him. Though there is the factor of invisible nature of God the truth is that God is a person.

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And He exists and He is having relationship with people who believe that He exists. As a matter of fact, one can only attest that he knows someone if he has relationship with him. This supposes therefore that, relationship with someone is the key in knowing who that person is. This is however very different from knowing about someone. Most people who argue that there is no God have adequate information about God but have refused to establish a relationship with him.

And considering the fact that relationship leads to intimacy, and intimacy leads to unselfishness. Also unselfishness leads to openness, and openness creates a better understanding of each other.

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Relatively well, those who have taken a step to enter into a relationship with God wholeheartedly, have understanding about God. And have known much of who He really is. They can extensively attest to the fact that there is God and that He does exist with all certainty.

God’s Existence Is Established In Relationship:

One of the benefits of relationship is the fact that in relationship each party involved gets to learn each other.  And of course emulate a lot from each other. So it isn’t surprising for those in a relationship with God living out some kind of life ascribed to God. And such life is called spiritual life. Of course is pivoted on the conduit of the will of God which they have imbued in themselves. Such life transcends them to another level of life. A life that is quite different from the life “ordinary man” on the street lives. Though men, but such people with the God-kind of life can see things from the realm of God.

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And they do things the way and manner it is being done in the realm of God. This spiritual life is the life that is elusive to as many that haven’t entered into a relationship with God. And therefore they cannot understand why people who do not see God with their unclad eyes will believe His existence. These categories of people who are in a relationship with God hear God’s voice because their spiritual ears are opened. Since their spiritual eyes are open as well, it explains why they can see things in the realm of God.

Though there is this factor of God’s invisible nature many who believe in Him has heard His voice. God has spoken to many people in the past.  And even today He still speaks to those who have conceded their natural life to Him.

God’s Invisible Nature Biblical Evidence True:

The Bible has documented numerous evidences about people at one time or the other who heard from Him. He spoke to these people through visions and dreams. And also He made known to them the things that will happen in the immediate and in the future. Through this category of people He made His intentions known to the world.

And that is, how people can live rightly here on this planet earth. He gave them prophecies about their future and about some imminent dangers they should avoid. These words didn’t just come but they happened as He said, proving that He is the God of the universe.

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“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Isaiah 55:11 NKJV

All the prophecies that He gave came to pass and some are yet to be actualized because they are for the future. This is because the scripture cannot be broken (John 10:35)

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Therefore, it is impossible for people with such an immense intimacy with God not to believe that He exists. The conviction is well established and no one can doubt it. Therefore, God’s invisible nature is not a factor to them and to as many that believe in Him!

An excerpt from the book “The Earth Is From Nothing”

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