Enrollment Into The Nigerian Boys’ Brigade Childhood Expedition

Nigerian Boys’ brigade Enrollment:

Nigerian Boy's BrigadeNigerian boys’ brigade is one of the organizations in my community that every child in my community dreams to belong. This is because the perception of people is that the Nigerian boys’ brigade is a decent organization. Probably, because its foundation is rooted in one of the famous churches. And also there is this notion that it has what it takes to put a child on the right footing. The expectation is that every child that joins boys’ brigade will definitely improve in his character aptitude. As a result the organization enjoys the patronage of parents who would want their wards to be religiously upright. These are some of the reasons why parents allow their children to enroll in the Nigerian boys’ brigade. However, contrary to the views of the parents the children have their reasons which differ from that of their parents.

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Today is 27th May and it is the day children are being celebrated in Nigeria nationwide. Many activities are there on this day for children. And we shall be going for a match pass at the local government headquarters. While I was trying to dress up for the occasion I heard Bato calling me, Kensi, Kensi are you ready? Yes, I replied from within my room. He met my mother at the frontage of our house and exchange pleasantries with her. I came out of my room to meet Bato, wow he was smartly dressed with his school uniform starched and ironed. He has been selected to participate in the match pass. The match pass is a competitive activity between schools in our local government area. Any school that wins receives an award from the Local government authority.

The Children’s Day Celebration:

My mother’s face wasn’t delightful and encouraging this morning. She is worried about my safety because this is my first time to go to Mbano headquarters for an activity like children’s day. I told my mother not to worry that I will be fine. I assured her that we will take care of ourselves very well. She unwillingly nodded her head in agreement to what I have said.

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We have to trek to our community market square to get a vehicle to convey us to the scene of the match pass. On our way we met other children from our school and other schools as well.  The local government center was fully packed with school children from various schools and clans. There was so much commove and commotion at the same time. This made us to hold each other’s hand to avoid missing ourselves. The truth is that once we miss ourselves we might not be able to locate ourselves and that is big situation to handle.

The occasion has just started; the local government chairman has to stand to take the salute from schools as they match. And to make sure that everything is in order and decently carried out, volunteer organizations like the Boy Scouts and Boys’ brigade are handy.

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Watching The Match Pass:

It was a delightful moment for me to watch the boys’ brigade match and I love it. In my heart I have started contemplating to join them. And suddenly Bato drew my head backward and I turned to know why he did that. I realized that he has just saved me from a stroke of rope from boy scouts’ boy. He narrowly missed my head.  I was terrified by his action.

Bato told me that it is only the uniform boys that enjoy free movement here.  I decided to go stand aloof precisely under a tree and watch as things are manifesting around. There under the tree I made up my mind to join Nigerian boys’ brigade. At least it will save me from this kind of discomfiture and harassment. I told Bato of my plan and he agreed we should join after all we have boys’ brigade in our Church.

Enrollment Into Nigerian Boys’ Brigade:

The time is 5.00 pm on Sunday evening; we have just finished from our Sunday school practice. The Nigerian boys’ brigade was at the same time conducting their drilling, I and Bato decided to go join them. They were delighted to see us and their captain Jasper asked us to hang around and watch them. I admire Jasper, he’s also a member of our church choir, he sings with good tenure voice in the choir. He is very churchly and parents in our church wishes that their children will follow his footstep.

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We keenly watch them display their matching skills as they line in a single file and starts the odd and even number drill. You say something like one, two, one, two and the last person will say one up or two up. And interestingly they queue up according to their numbers and form two straight lines. The matching drill was superb; I can’t wait to join them. At the end of the drill they sang the Nigerian boys’ brigade anthem

Boys’ brigade of Nigeria

Dedicated for service

Good lord help us to stand

For the good of all mankind

However, I got home a little bit late from the usual time; I informed my mother that I have joined the boys’ brigade. She didn’t object to that but was concerned about the money to purchase the uniform. Well, captain Jasper told us that there is a way to go about it and that is by participating in what is called barber job.

First Barber Job:

I told my mother not to worry because there’s a way out already.  And on Wednesday we attended our midweek practice, there we were taught the songs and language signs. While in the class if you misbehave you will receive some strokes of rope from captain Jasper. The boys’ brigade is well disciplined organization and we learnt how to be a disciplined citizen. The striking moment came when a little boy among us was flogged for noise making and he started crying. I felt for him and the captain ordered that we should sing this song…

Little boy brigade

Do not cry

You will be a leader

bye and bye

I went home very delighted because I have learnt how to write many secret codes and songs. And I have been exposed to a new level of knowledge that wasn’t there before. I memorize the songs in order to get myself acquainted with the rhythms of the songs. This is because I may be called up to sing one of the songs in our next class. The next day, Bato came to our house and we rehearsed the songs properly and sang them off hand. One of the songs that I love its lyrics and rhythms is this song.

In the evening by the moon light

You can hear the BB singing

By our effort they’ll hear it

And sit around and listen.

The Excitement In Joining Boy’s Brigade:

I sang this song throughout the night and even in my dream. It was a sweet song to sing and dance. Interestingly, while singing this song I found out that it enables me to do my house drudgeries easily. My mother has noticed that since I joined the Nigerian boys’ brigade there is a kind of happy mode that emits from me. The aura in the house is joyful and my mother likes it. My mother likes to see me happy. And I like to see her happy too, because she is the only thing I got in this world.

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Well, this coming Saturday will be the first time I will participate in a barber job. It is farming season and a widow whose children are all in the city has hired us. She lives in a nearby village, our job is to help her till her farmland. We were seven boys in number and our captain was around to supervise our activities. The job was done perfectly well and the woman was happy the way we handled it. She gave us nice treatment by cooking nice dish in the morning which she brought to us at the farm. When we were done, she took us to her house and gave us a heavy afternoon meal. As we were eating the food in an organized manner, I noticed the discipline that captain Jasper taught us in display.

The Discipline Displayed Nigerian Boy’s Brigade:

The woman couldn’t avoid recommending our behavior. She spoke good things about our conducts while on the farm and also in her house. Thereafter she paid us handsomely and we couldn’t hold our joy and then we left. From the amount we were paid, I have received a deposit for my own uniform. And I foresee that in a few months from now I will have my uniform ready.

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However, as I got home that very day, I met my mother anxiously waiting for me. The look on her face is not impressive; I guess she is not happy seeing me going through this kind of stress. Kensi my child, while embracing me… How did it go? I hope it wasn’t tedious? I gradually lift my head and look towards her face and said… Mama is okay, we did the job together and it was fun. And moreover, the woman gave us good food and paid us well too.

I felt it hard as she drew a deep breathe and exhale. Then she said, well if you say so.. if you are hungry I have prepared your food she suggested. Thank you Mama, I don’t need any more food, I will eat later this evening. I just want to take my bath and have nice rest. Sometimes I see myself as a child and as a husband to my mother. Well, I love my mother she is everything I got.

On Duty As The Bishop Visits:

Today is Sunday and we are heading to St Mary’s Anglican Church. Bishop Eboh the first Bishop of Okigwe north dioceses is visiting our parish. He has come for the confirmation of some youths that have gone through the confirmation class.  It is a necessity for the Nigerian boys’ brigade to be there to monitor the events. I went to meet Bato, he was ready and waiting for me. We went straight to the Church premises and there we met other members. Captain Jasper has hired a truck that will convey us to St’ Mary’s Anglican Church. We hop in and off we go. On our way we started singing one of our songs and I love it. The song goes this way:

Mario Ma jojo

Mari koko ma jojo

Mari mari koko ma jojo

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As we are singing this song the atmosphere is fully charged with joy radiating on everyone’s forehead. Though the terrain of the road was very rough, the song eased the situation for us. As we got to the Church, the service was about to start, immediately we took our posts and start to conduct activities. We make sure that each vehicle coming into the compound parked rightly and in order. After the service Bishop Eboh called and blessed each one of us and to me it was the height of it all.

The Fulfillment In The Heart:

There was this bigness that I felt in the inside of me and it speaks volume about my future. I know for sure that hand laid on me is not for the sake of it but for the grace of God to explode and do great thing for God in my life. Being a member of Nigerian boys’ brigade is a life worth fulfilling and not just because I want to walk freely in occasions like children’s day but nothing pays like being a disciplined child.

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