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King Maker God Or People:

King MakerKing maker is someone who has the onus to choose or make another king over his people. In the act of making or choosing a king the one who has the final say is the king maker. This means that whatever the king maker says will indicate the direction the people will follow in making their king. For someone to become a king means he receives the authority to command and decide what goes on in his kingdom. When such authority is instilled on him, in most cases he lives above the laws of the land. And even the king maker is subject to him. This is what plays out in every human dominated authority. And democracy is one of the ways people have chosen to select their leaders.

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In democracy one of the apparatus use in selecting a leader is called vote. And during election people leave their houses to go and vote for whoever is their choice. At the end of the exercise, whoever that earned the majority vote is crowned the leader. So democracy is a political game or an exercise that its merit is based on numbers. The one who earns the highest number wins the election.

In a democratic setting, the contenders have the privilege to make their intentions for the people known. They ideologically run their campaigns based on issues they have identified that they have the solution. Many of them do come with brilliant ideas and have good oratory in their speeches. Through this medium they ingratiate themselves into the hearts of the people who flow in and within their thought level.

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Foolish Majority The King Maker:

Thought level here becomes an issue because many as well will not buy their ideas simply because they lack understanding. Therefore, since democracy is a game of numbers though they have good ideas or manifestos and the majority didn’t buy their ideas the result will be against them. So in democracy there is what is called foolish majority. Here foolish majority are those who cast their votes not based on ideology but based on sentiments.

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This implies that one of the flaws of democracy is that it allows sentiments to rule in its process. So people can cast their votes based on ethnicity, religion, tribalism and bigotry etc. The negative implication of this is that someone whose ethnicity is in the minority may not win election. Though he or she has good leadership ideas and agendas, those will not count. This is because the vote of the foolish majority will throw those ideas and agendas into the dust bin. And surprisingly, many vote for someone because he’s good looking and appears gentle not because he has something to offer. And many vote against someone because he came from a tribe they don’t like. Notwithstanding that he has better ideas and can inscrutably execute those them. The king maker in most democratic dispensation are the foolish majority, simply because the democratic system allows them.

The Consequence:

The consequence of this is that this kind of king maker (the foolish majority) has helped to enthrone leaders without good ideas. And the result is lack of factual human and resource development in their countries. Therefore, any country that wants to grow developmentally should shun this kind of king maker. It is worrisome to know that the future of an entire nation lies in the irrational decision taken by foolish majority. This kind of situation may be a reoccurring type if nothing is done to educate the mind of this foolish majority. Sensitization programs should be carried out in order to let the people know how detrimental it is to vote someone who lack leadership quality.

God As The King Maker:

King MakerHowever, God is a king maker who doesn’t depend on the opinion of the majority to crown someone a king. Evidence in the scripture has shown that God doesn’t work with majority in order to actualize his purpose and plan. People’s opinion doesn’t count if God want to select a man for a particular job. The only thing that counts is the heart of the individual in question. God looks at individual’s heart before choosing him of her. And He does that without considering where he or she comes from (the tribe) and his or her physical structure.

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Wealth and perfection background of the individual doesn’t count because he raises the poor and place them to dine and wine top class people. What God does is a paradox when compare with the system and method of democracy. That is why God is not a democrat. God is the right King Maker and when He makes a king joy flow in the country.

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