David’s Five Pieces of Stones And The Grace Of God

David Five Pieces Of Stones:

David Five PiecesDavid five pieces of stones have made great waves in most of the sermons said in the church. The sermon generated around David five pieces of stones is seen as sermons aimed at gingering people not to rely on their strength. The particularity placed on the number of stones David picked to fight against Goliath has changed the narrative of the event. And several theses have been coined out of this particular event. They are presented in the form of sermon or teaching in the church. And believers who are gullible in the knowledge of truth have no option than to pipe it down their throat.

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One of the theses is that David five pieces of stones corresponds to the letter GRACE. The notion is based on the assumption that the word GRACE is made up of five English letters. The implication is that David used Grace to kill Goliath. This weird teaching has been making around in the church and many are taking it to be authentic. It is important therefore for us to look into it and bring out the right doctrine from this encounter between David and Goliath.

Understanding The Meaning Of David Five Pieces Of Stones:

Firstly, it is on record in the bible that what David used out of the five stones was one stone. In that case the rest stone which are four in number were not used. Indicating that it is only one letter out of the supposed five letters is used. This can be interpreted that what David used was part of the supposed Grace and not all the Grace. On the other hand it also means that David while confronting Goliath was not functioning in full grace.

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As interesting as the comparison above sounds the truth is that it’s very shabby and cannot hold waters. This is because, is either one is functioning in full grace or he or she is outside grace. Therefore, using the number of letters of Grace to liking to David five pieces of stones is baseless. And surely, David five pieces of stones have nothing to do with GRACE in this aspect.

Secondly, the word Grace is English word and not a Hebrew word. The encounter involving David and Goliath took place in the Old Testament. And the Old Testament is written in Hebrew language. Also interestingly the word Grace was not mentioned in the event that involved David five pieces of stones.

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The Proper Meaning Of Grace:

David Five PiecesHowever, importantly, we have to get the meaning of the word or the word translated Grace in the Old Testament. This will help us arrive on a clean slate in our conclusion about this thesis. For better clarity let’s use just few verses for our illustration and here we have them.

“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.”

Genesis 6:8

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Also we have thus in Exodus;

“Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation is thy people.”

Exodus 33:13

The Hebrew word translated Grace in the above verses is the word Chen, it is pronounced as khane. It is clear that the word Chen is four letter words. This clarifies that David five pieces of stone has nothing to do with the number of letters in a word.  One can confidently say that David five pieces of stone is for defense against any impromptu actions that might come up from Goliath and his brothers. However, one stone out of the five stones did the work made for five. Also, the bible mentioned that David’s five pieces of stones were carefully selected by David. He didn’t just got to the value and picked up anyhow stone. He took time to select them and got the best he considered good for the job.

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The Right Standing:

On the other hand this doesn’t nullify that David’s victory against Goliath was an act of Grace. Truly David functioned in full Grace while outwitting Goliath, but it was not because the David’s five stones correspond to the letter GRACE.

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