IOM Protection And Reintegration Program – The Succor And Solace To Migrants

IOM – International Organization For Migration:

IOMIOM in collaboration with UKAid recently in Benin City Edo State of Nigeria conducted a training program aimed at reintegrating migrant returnees from Libya.  This is a means IOM is using to deter migrants especially from Sub-Saharan African countries from massively coming to Europe illegally. Though migration is a human right but it has to be in the legal way. IOM is floating this idea in order to help the Libyan returnees to reintegrate fittingly in the society.  And hence the objective is to help the migrant returnees to enhance their earning capacity through business skills acquisition.

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The purpose of the business skill training is to inundate them with ideas that will enable them earn enough resources to stabilize and increase their income. And of course this will take away from them the desire to take the dangerous step of migrating to Europe through Sahara desert and consequently crossing the Mediterranean Sea. In recent years fatalities on record as a result of this dangerous adventure by migrants is on the high side.

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A loud cry and alarm has been raised from different quarters all over the world indicating the need to stop people from undertaking this dangerous journey. This business skills training is one of the palliatives measures these international agencies are taking to quell the situation. Therefore, IOM and Ukaid initiative is very timely and will definitely go a long way in putting an end to this unwarranted menace.

The Aim Of IOM Business Skills Training:

IOM and Ukaid with the support of the federal government of Nigeria put up the training program. This particular training program is for all migrants that returned to Nigeria through the federal government airlift program. The training ran for four days. The migrants started checking into their hotels on 3rd of February and the program commenced on 4th of February.

IOM takes the responsibility for the accommodation, feeding and the training cost of the returnees. And many among the migrants expressed their gratitude to IOM for making this program possible. There is this believe in them that the step IOM has taken will definitely yield results in the nearest future. The optimism in them is very high because of the manner the trainers and IOM officials carried them along. Their benign character towards the returnees is exemplary and reveals that it is coming from a heart of love.

The Trainers Superlative Performance:

IOMThe trainers led by Mr. Osita Osemena were superb in carrying out their duties. Their altruistic gestures quickened the sagging spirits of many migrants. Most if not all of them before now didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel of their life. The slogan “Returnees Hope Again” induces a kind of fresh breathe of life in the nostrils of the returnees. The trainers took them through lessons anchored on psychological healing and in it establishing the reason why there is hope again for every returnee.

Also within those four days, the trainers invested their time in transferring knowledge to the returnees. The kind of knowledge that will buttress them to start their own businesses. The Zafike Hotel conference hall was packed with about two hundred returnees. And the trainers didn’t relent in making sure that each participant receive the right dose of their teaching. They did this through graphic and dramatic presentations.

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The program has joyfully ended and the participants received a certificate of training duly signed by IOM.  The returnees were informed on how they will get the grant to start up their individual businesses. However, at the time of departure from their various hotels the reading on their faces indicates great optimism. And the trainers are hoping that in the nearest future among them business moguls will emanate.

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