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Godless Election:

Godless ElectionGodless election is an election conducted and carried out without God. It is very possible to have a Godless election. In fact Godless election is what is obtainable in all the elections conducted around the world. On a clear practical note, Godless election should be the elective measurement to grade a better election. However, what we have on the contrary is a system where people pretend to involve God in the election process. The reality is that every ‘sound’ election should/must be a Godless election. And practically, one is very capable of winning comfortably in an election without God.

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A politician does not need God to win in an election! I know you are rowing your eyes now; come on this is the truth, just accept it and have peace. The doubt in your heart is because you are coming from a background that has taught you that God is involved in elections. Now let’s face it, election is a process by which people elect their political leaders in a democratic setting or system. There are many countries in the world that are practicing democracy as the governmental system in their land. These countries are not Christian countries and they do not know God.

Godless Election Is A General System:

The politicians in these countries conduct their campaigns and mobilize their people to cast their votes for them. In the process, the politicians put in their resources and wherewithal to convince the electorates to vote for them. At the end of the process, winners and losers emerge. And both winners and losers didn’t consult God because they never know God. Therefore, God is not involved in anything they did to win or lose in the election. This is applicable to countries that are presumed to know God. This is because, what is obtainable in these countries that claim that they know God is Godless election too.

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I want to state categorically that if one wants to win in an election especially in this part of the world he must make that election Godless election. This is important because any politician trying to involve God in his electoral process will not win. This is because electoral process anywhere in the world and the system of God doesn’t tally. There are factual and important things one needs in order to win in an election and definitely one doesn’t need God to make them available.

The Things Can Help A Politician Win Election:

Number one thing you must make available is money. In a Godless election the major pivot is money. You must have money to be in the electioneering and definitely you don’t need God to make money. You can make your money anyhow and anywhere and use it to run your electioneering and at the end you win or lose in the election. Many who made their money anyhow and anywhere can volunteer to contribute their money in your campaign based on the kind of deal and agreement you have with them. This is so because politics is a game of interest and benefit therefore is pure business. In business the ultimate goal of investing money is to have returns at the end. The implication of this is that with much money the chances of the politician to win is very bright. An election process like this is Godless election.

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Number two thing you should have in your political domain is thugs. These are the people who believe in you wholeheartedly and are ready to take bullets and even die for you. This is very important because in electioneering in this part of the world and even elsewhere in the world anything is possible. Thugs are ready to snatch ballot boxes, confront electoral officers on your behalf and make sure that your come out victoriously.  They don’t mind losing their life in the process. And a process of an election in this nature is Godless election.

More Of The Things Involve In Godless Elections:

The number three thing you should have is very good lawyers that understand how to explore the loopholes in the constitution. Lawyers that is capable of twisting the constitution upside down in order to give you winning ticket from court. This is in case you fail at the polling booths. It is important to have these lawyers because politics is a legal thing buttress by the constitution of the country. Again one needs money to maintain these lawyers, you don’t need God. An election process that needs these kinds of lawyers must be a Godless election.

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Number four thing you need is lie. You have to be a good liar in order to make headway in politics. This is because truth doesn’t sale in politics, the only thing people like to hear is lie. If you are not lying people will not listen to you. Politics involves deception, and you must be deceptive much in order to convince the people to vote for you. You can promise them heaven on earth when you get to the office you start the blame game. And an election process where lie rules must be a Godless election.

Oppression And Intimidation Cannot Be Excluded In Godless Elections:

The number five quality you should and must possess is oppression. You must understand the ways to unleash oppression in the life of people. You must be harsh because the only language people mainly in this part of the world understand is oppression. If your heart is malleable you will not make a good politician and you will be chased out of office quickly. You intimidating power will definitely help you have a free ride in your leadership.

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Your weapon of oppression and intimidation ranges from money, physical strength and diabolic method. The fear of you should be registered in the land and the truth is that any process that involves intimidation and oppression is not of God.  Therefore an election process that is full of intimidation and oppression must be a Godless election.

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