Stream Voyage: The Consequence of Superstition Childhood Expedition

Stream Voyage:

StreamThere is a common adage in my community that says “water is life”. And this is actually what it looks like in my community. I don’t know what life would have been like without the streams we have in our community. Though situated at a distance that is far away from most families, going to the stream is one of the most pleasurable activities among us. Most of the streams if not all of them are very close to our Mbara (a place designated for farming). As a result of this, farmers at the end of the day heads to the stream to take their baths. A bath in the stream after working under a scourging sun gives one a better refreshing and renewal of body and soul.

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It is Saturday late morning hours.  Suddenly I realized we have little or no water for our domestic use. My mother is already at the Umu Ada meeting and she will be back in the evening hours.  I need to rush to the stream and get water that she will use to prepare meals and other odd jobs. I was set to go but I realize is not safe for me to go alone.

My Companions:

The reason is that the road to the stream is sometimes lonely and something dangerous might happen if you are alone. While I nurse the thought of what to do, I heard an Opi Aka, and the whistling sounds my name. I listened more carefully to ascertain if it is my name and when I confirm I replied. It is Issy, he is calling me to come to their house. I don’t know what he’s up to. Somehow, this moment brought a relief to my worry but I don’t know why. I quickly pick up my bucket and ran to their house.

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Surprisingly, I met Issy in their house, prepared and ready to go to stream. He called me to find out if I could join him.  When he saw me with my bucket he was delighted because he needed a company. Issy has prepared about ten fishing hooks. We are going to stream with them and will definitely set them to catch fishes. I like the adventure of going fishing but the primacy that I have is to go get water for my mother. I don’t know how to tell Issy that I won’t be going with him to set the hooks. Well, we quickly pick the necessary things that we need and left to the stream.

The Distraction On The Way:

The way to the stream is very narrow and sometimes it takes much interval of time to meet people. And as we are going, a squirrel swiftly move across the road and ran into the busy. Immediately Issy dropped his stuffs and went after it. As he was racing after it he called me to come and help. I have no option than to help him. Well, at the end the squirrel disappeared into the hood.

We came out of the bush distraught. Issy was not happy that we missed the animal. However, we have to continue our journey. Issy told me that Akiri (frog) is waiting for us on the way. His name is Chidee but we have nicknamed him Akiri because he has great mastery in swimming. Though very young but he can compete with some elderly boys favorably in swimming. It didn’t take us much time to get to where Akiri was waiting for us. He has already prepared his own hooks.  And now, it’s done on me that both have arranged for this earlier.

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I wasn’t at home with this arrangement because I know it will take time to finish setting the hooks. All I wanted was a snappy movement to the stream thro and fro. But from the look of things I am in for a long day activity. We decided to hasten up so that we can meet up with time. On our arrival to the stream, the stream is jam-packed with boys of different categories. Some are jumping and diving from the wooden bridge. There are others who are jumping and diving from some tree lumps in the stream. It is full of fun for them.

Setting Of The Hooks:

StreamWe wanted to join the bandwagon but somehow, Issy thought otherwise. He said is better we go set the hooks first and then return to swim with them.  However, in all of these arrangements I was dragging my feet. I followed them to set the hooks which of course took great deal of time. This is because we have to go deep into the creeks of the stream to set the hooks.

However, by the time we came out, the swimmers have turn the colour of the stream to brown. This is the height of it; I mean it is a time to play the stream race. This is because the stream is no longer clean and clear, so while one swims his opponent will not see him. Therefore, it is easy for one to swim and go to any direction without his opponent knowing his whereabouts. This race is a type of hide and catch game. And if you are caught, someone else among the spectators will replace you and join in the race. So we take turns and sometimes it takes time to catch someone because of the nature of stream.

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The thrilling and the excitement from this race took our mind away from what we are supposed to do. And by the time we realize what is happening it is already evening. And suddenly the sky changed, surely it’s going to rain and we have to do something. At this point in time, we are not able to go and check the hooks again. This is because we must go or else the rain will catch up with us.

Searching For A Better Option:

The worse thing is that the colour of the stream is still brownish and because of it we cannot fetch water from it. Therefore, the situation before us is how we can get clean water and go home. We have no other option than to rush to the side that belongs to women and beg them to allow us fetch water. They did allow us fetch water because they are also hastening up to go home. By the time we are through fetching water, it is getting dark and the weather is becoming windy.

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Now I am regretting why I joined Issy and Akiri in this stream adventure. I should have gone to the stream fetch water and go home. I thought about my mother and how she will react to this attitude that doesn’t portray her wisdom in me. The wind is becoming so intense and it is coming against us. And because of this, we are finding it difficult to walk fast. I was almost sobbing but I held my peace. Is like Issy noticed what I was struggling with and suggested to me that all will be alright. Now we are more than six boys in this mess. And we are all thinking of how our parents and big siblings will receive us at home. Suddenly one of us suggested we should do something. I don’t know but it sounds funny. However, the rest of us confirmed that it works.

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Superstition A Wrong Option:

It is a superstitious act. We are asked to take a palm frond and hold the hem.  And then call the name of any of your relatives and tire it up. The implication of this is that if you get home none of them will speak out against you. Instead of being angry with you, they will sympathize with you. We did all of that and we manage our way home. And as usual my mother was out waiting for me and I sensed great worry from the look on her face.

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It was as if the ground should open and swallow me. I didn’t know where to start to say sorry. And then I said to her Mama I am very sorry I will not do it again. She didn’t say any word to me but walked into her room. And suddenly I hear cries from all directions. My friends are all crying, immediately I realized that nothing works better than obedience. Yes, I Kensi has learnt the lesson that it is better to obey than to be superstitious.

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