Commercial Bus Driver: Spiritual And Social Plights Of A Commercial Driver

Commercial Bus Driver:

Commercial bus driverCommercial bus driver is someone who drives vehicles for commercial purposes. The commercial bus driver makes a living and pay his bills out of his job. The nature of a commercial bus driver’s job requires that he leaves his house very early in the morning and comes back home late in the evening. This makes a commercial bus driver an absentee father or uncle at home. This means that his presence is not felt in his house in morning hours till late in the evening. Some commercial bus drivers work round the clock and have little or no time for themselves and their families.

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The main reason people take up jobs is to meet needs. Majority of people that take up jobs do that not for pleasure but for the fact that they want to meet up with certain needs. So some jobs can be demeaning but for the fact it is the source of paying bills, people unwillingly continue it in. There are so many jobs out there that look pleasurable, conducive and void of risks.

So many jobs are full of hazards, yet people are found doing them just because they are means of meeting needs. A man that cannot meet up with his needs is sometimes disdained in the society and because of that many rather do such hazardous job than to face shame.

Needs Influences The Decision One Makes:

Therefore, in order to avoid the demoralization such a situation can bring to someone’s life one has to take up anyhow job. The reality is that when need arises, focus is on how to meet it and nothing more matters. And because of this the one in need has no time to draw any scale of preference. The scale of preference would mean to consider if and if not in the line of decision making.

Somehow people embark on a risky job not because they like it but because there’s no alternative. Therefore, commercial bus driver falls in this category. A commercial bus driver especially those plying long distance journeys are like a soldier that has been called up for a battle. He is living his house not sure of coming back to his house.

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 Interestingly here, the soldier situation is better than a commercial bus driver because is not every moment the soldier is at the war front. The situation is that every time the commercial bus driver is on duty his life is at risk.

Another thing that makes the job of commercial bus driving uninteresting and risky is the vacuity it creates at home. Since the driver cannot be found at home, if anything is happening at home he cannot afford to help.

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Commercial bus driverThe Absentee Father:

The home of a commercial bus driver exists without his leadership as the father of the house. It is not out of place to find children of commercial bus driver who doesn’t know their father properly. The situation is that by the time the children are awake the man is not at home and by the time he’s at home they are asleep.

The bond that signifies fatherhood relationship is always lacking between the commercial bus driver and his children. And by chance he is at home, (because sometimes they briefly come around in the day) his children see him as a stranger. This is because his stay is always momentarily.

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Another adverse effect is that his children don’t get the necessary fatherhood gentle and meticulous correction. This is because for a father to do this he has to stay around and have time to study his children. A commercial bus driver resorts to child beating as a means of correction. The reason here is because he is not at home and doesn’t know much about his child. Also, the character in his constituency definitely affects his mentality.

Generally, the motor park is not a place someone can stay and maintain a gentle life. Again, because of lack of closeness between him and his wife, infidelity from his side or his wife may occur. And this may put the family in precarious situation.

Lack Of Strong Spiritual Base:

However, the spiritual stance and nourishment of the family is always at the lowest ebb because the father isn’t there. This means that average families of a commercial bus driver hardly have a spiritual strong base. The true is that when the head is not there, the body is more or less useless. And because most of them have a porous spiritual background they rely on their physical effort to handle things of this life.

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On a slight provocation, a commercial bus driver is ready to fight and he can fight with anything available. In discharging his duties, he relies on talisman and not on God, because he has little or no knowledge of God. And it’s not very common to find a commercial bus driver who is a born again Christian.

Is This Job Good For Believers?

Commercial bus driverThe question is can a believer take up this job? The point is that this is not a safe job for a believer who wants to grow spiritually. And if a believer must take it because of the reasons enumerated above, he must have days off. Or better still work half days in a week. This will enable him have time for his family. Also have time for church activities and be involved in the things of God. He must have time for evangelism, especially at the motor park.

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This will help him to spiritually stay awake and at the same time scare away bad characters from penetrating into him. He must always have his bible in his vehicle, when he is not preaching; he can read and study his bible. Again, he should see this job as a temporary job that he can do away with in a short period of time. The truth is that money is important but the spiritual well-being one’s family is most important. If you make all the money in this world and you have a shattered family the money will be worthless!

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