Christian Votes: Why Christians Must Cast Their Votes In This Election

Christian Votes:

Christian VotesChristian votes surely counts in a society like Nigeria. This period is election period and it behooves on every Christian to be a partaker by making sure that Christian votes counts. The truth is that democracy has come to stay even in Nigeria. And it’s fast becoming the way man has chosen to stabilize his life on this earth. This is not just God’s earth but man’s earth as well. Man is the regent of God on this earth and the proper organization of the earth is in the hand of man. This organization is channeled through democratic means. This reality is before every Christian and there is no way we can skip it. Though, democracy is not the best form of government but that is the best man can offer himself for now.

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The fact is that many developed countries of the world have used democracy to ascend in their civilization. And important to mention is that these countries are mainly Christian countries. To them though democracy is the best but they have to somehow use it to better their lives. The importance of Christian votes in this democratic process is unquantifiable. This is because, through Christian votes, Christians will be able to direct and redirect courses of their existence. Christian votes will help Christians to induce political policies that will enhance their activities in the land. The consequence of lack of Christian votes in this forthcoming election period would mean neglect to the fulfillment of their desires.

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Christian Votes Will Enable Good Policies:

One may say this world is not a permanent place.  And therefore, it’s better to disuse the impact Christian votes would have in this election. This is considering the fact that all Christians are heavenly band and someday this earth will be no more. Well, the understanding should be that we have to make ourselves comfortable first. And we can achieve that by inducing a system that will make our heavenly dream come through. And this is where Christian votes come in. The reality is that the more we have Christians that sits among the policy makers of this country the better for Christians. The expectation is that more policies that will favour the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ in this country will be established. And the only way to achieve this is through Christian votes.

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Christians Must Vote Accordingly:

However, it is important to state that Christian votes shouldn’t be a thing that encourages biasness. What this means is that, Christian votes should be cast very wisely. That a politician claims to be a Christian shouldn’t be the more reason to vote for him or her. Christian votes should go to the people who are certified to do the job very well. Sentiment here shouldn’t be part of this process because people’s future and life is involved. Another thing to come to term with is the reality of bidding in the election time. There is so much exchange of money during this period and politicians are ready to buy people’s destiny from them. Therefore, Christian votes shouldn’t go to the highest bidder but to the man or woman that will do the job. It is not necessary that he or she must be a Christian.

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Christian Votes Are Not For Sale:

Now let’s take this bible verse in order to understand the point here:

“For Jacob my servant’s sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.  I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me”

Isaiah 45:4-5

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The truth is that not every Christian is suitable for the political job. There are non-Christians that God has prepared to do the bidding of Christians though they do not know Him. This is where every Christian needs the discerning spirit to know who he or she should vote for. Christian votes shouldn’t be cast blindly but wisely that is why we have been admonished to be as wise as the serpent. And also be as gentle as the dove. This is the kind of character every Christian should possess in this period of time. You should have it in mind that your vote is not for sale! And also do not stay away from voting that day because every Christian votes counts.

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