Women Participation: Nigerian Democracy Embracing The Surge

Women Participation:

Women ParticipationWomen participation in the Nigerian politics has been on the sideline in the past. It is vividly visible that in this present dispensation, women participation surges up to a greater height. It is an encouraging thing to hear that women participation in the Nigerian politics has gone up to a considerable level. This shows that the women are ready and eager to take the mantle of leadership from their male counterparts. This sudden increase in the level of women participation in the politics means that they are no longer ready to be in the other room. It means their recognition of the fact that they have potentials and can render good governance better their male counterparts.

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Also it means that they have come to terms with the reality that they are rich with great leadership skills. This sudden immense women participation would mean that they are saying enough is enough to the scourging situation in the country. That in them is the answer to all the political maladies that we are facing in this country. The evidence on ground is that women and their children suffer the most if things go wrong in any country. Therefore, because of the abysmal level of the economy and security situation in the country it’s timely for women participation.

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The Potentials In Them:

The strength of women participation is seen in the last presidential debate for 2019 general election.  In the vice presidential debate we saw two young women who participated actively. And in the presidential debate we saw a woman among them. And she comparatively matches her co-debaters words for words and action for action. However, to the extent we have seen women participation in the Nigerian politics lately means something we cannot overlook. It somehow depicts that Nigeria is gearing towards having a woman at the helm of affairs. This may not go down well with male folks, considering the patriarchal nature of our society.

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And the reality is that the women are here and there is no sign of going back from them. Therefore, what the men and the Nigerian society should do is to embrace the reality and accept it. And not just accepting it, but look for a way to help them to have that solid background and platform that will help them harness their potentials.

Fairness in the game of politics will help them have better background. The men should not by any means intimidate them with their resources. The patriarchal system mentality should be put aside in order to harness their potentials. Considering the fact that evidences have shown in our individual families that mothers are good home managers. The truth therefore, is that if they can manage their nuclear families aptly, such wisdom can be translated in the management of society.

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They Need The Support Of The Society:

Women ParticipationHowever, There are good candidates that do not have the necessary fund but they have the withal to run a good government. These categories among the women should be supported. And the society will harvest the best out of them and use it in nation building. Evidences reveal that many countries that women are at the helm of affair are being managed properly. Their economy is on a sound footing and they are enjoying the maximum support from their citizens. Nigerian case shouldn’t be different from what is obtainable from other countries.

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