Atiku Vindication: Atiku Is Not Corrupt If Not..

Atiku Vindication:

Atiku VindicationAtiku vindication is a thing that should be verified on the scale of justice and accepted wholeheartedly.  And Atiku vindication from corruption indictment should not be a thing of street judgment but a rendering from the court of law. Also Atiku vindication should not be based on assumptions and criticisms from different quarters. No one has the legal right to vindicate Atiku except the court of law. And in the same vein only the court of law can condemn him. Therefore, Atiku vindication is a legal issue and should be followed legally as stipulated in the constitution of Nigeria.

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One of the dangerous ills in the Nigerian society is street judgment. Nigerians troop out in the street and set up their investigative officers and judges and sentences an individual based on rumor. Their court room is either the Newspaper vendor spot or the liquor spot. All one hears among this category of people is “I hear say and na so I hear”.

One hears some unverified and inimical accusation from someone who has not seen the supposed accused for once. And suddenly based on this, judgment is issued, the accused is condemned. And instantly, this kangaroo judgment emanating from a liquor spot becomes the chatter in town. It begins to spread like wild fire, and from the mouth of people on the streets one hears that Atiku is a thief. And where did the judgment emanate from? One local liquor spot in an obscure street in one little densely populated city in Nigeria.

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Street Judgment Is Unlawful:

Atiku VindicationWorse still, this kind of news doesn’t stop on the street. The people on the social media pick it up and begin to unleash this false and fake news online. There is an adage that says when a lie is repeated several times it becomes a truth. And in a short while, people begin to accept this lie that emanated from one local liquor spot.

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This lie becomes a normal thing in the street and when someone tries to counteract it, he or she appears like a fool. Therefore, Atiku vindication seems to be a thing that is in the hand of the masses and not the court. Majority of the people on social media believe that Atiku vindication is on their social media trial. However, the fact is that no matter how long a lie assumes to be true, it can never be. A lie is a lie! As it stands now, any corruption allegation against Atiku is a lie since it has not been proven by any competent court.

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And of course presently, we have an integrity based government that is seriously fighting corruption. If Atiku is corrupt and he has stolen any money or property he should be ducked in the law court. A proper legal investigation of his case should be carried out and consequently the court should render its judgment. This is what the government of President Buhari should do as fast as possible because justice delayed is justice denied. This is important now the man Atiku is vying for the highest elective position in Nigeria. .

Arrest Atiku Now:

Atiku VindicationHowever, if this government cannot do this, it shows that whatever allegation against Atiku is an impression to make him look bad. And it is important to state that character assassination is as bad as murder. And the federal government and its agencies should not be involved in any frivolous and baseless accusations about a serious case like corruption.

Recently, the man Atiku came out to declare that the federal government should arraign him for corruption if there is any. And this challenge was thrown open by Mr. Abubakar Atiku. And since then the federal government has not taken any action to arrest him. The man is still walking freely on our streets. The hesitancy of the federal government in arresting him and bringing him to book is a disservice to the people of Nigeria.

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This is because his election into office as a corrupt man will cause a colossal damage to the integrity of this government. And considering the fact that, this government is in the know. On the other hand if this government knows that Atiku is corruption free the name tagging from its agencies should stop. It is tantamount to deception and an integrity based government should not be a purveyor of deception.

However, if there was a case of corruption against him in the past and the court of competent jurisdiction declared him innocent, the implication is that he’s not corrupt. This is because his vindication is from the court of law. And in this case, all law abiding citizens and government agencies should respect the verdicts from Nigerian courts.

In Conclusion:

Therefore, it is correct to say that no matter the rumor, bedroom and liquor spot accusation, Mr. Atiku Abubakar is not corrupt until a court of law says so!

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