Profession: The Value Of Man And Acquisition Of Material Things

Profession of Man:

ProfessionProfession that God designed for man is nothing but farming. It is because of this God asked him to take of the Garden of Eden. This profession grants him the ability to work and to eat from the produce of the garden. But as time went on man’s wisdom continued to expand. And he started diversifying and diving into other professions like artisan jobs, and eventually science and technology. These diversifications his professions created a new plinth of lifestyle. The outcome of this is that man began to be attracted by beguiling inventions made by him.  And the acquisition of such takes preeminence in his life and neglects to his earlier profession sets in.

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The amassment of these inventions becomes a major priority. And also it is a means or the yardstick to know the standard or value of any man. The more the acquisition of these inventions means the upgrading of the individual in question superfluously and superficially. However, as many that cannot amass as much their grading is reduces in the value chart. So man’s attention and paradigm of life was drifts drastically to the acquisition and possession of these inventions.

The Real Value Of Man:

All the things that his subsequent professions invented unfortunately their amassment becomes the assessment that guarantees the making of man. And such an abysmal appraisal concept negates the real essence of who is really in man. Man actually cannot be compared by his acquisition or possessions, because man is far greater than whatever he gathers in life. Speaking about this Jesus said:

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

(Mark 8:36-37).

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It is a decrying thing to know that man can easily give his life in exchange for his possession. Notwithstanding that the making of these inventions are material things source from the earth. Such a situation implies that he has belittled himself before his possession which is a product of his profession. It is totally unacceptable that man should tussle over material things with armed men. And also it is totally unacceptable that man should commit any crime whatsoever in order to acquire material things. Such is a display that he has denigrated himself before such material things which are product of his profession. In other words, it shows that the material thing in question is better and important than him.  And as a result he can commit anything to acquire it.

The Appalling Character Of Man:

Putting up this kind of attitude makes man looks so petty before material things. Material things are output of man’s profession as a result can’t be equal to man’s worth. This despicable character of man has resulted into the appalling situation he has found himself. Man has forgotten who he really is. He has forgotten so soon that he is not actually made of earthly materials though he is housed by an earthly material. He has forgotten that without him in the earthly materials, the earthly materials will be useless. And without him the earthly material can never achieve the purpose they are meant to serve. Man has sold himself to the things he met on the earth. The profession that he devises for himself has become the source of his devaluation.

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He has become subject to them instead of the other way round. It is because of this that man is at war with himself. Man sees the possession of these earthly things as the definitive in life.

Greater Value Is Attached To Material Gain:

And he considers it to worth the killing of fellowmen. And because of the acquisition of material things destruction of humans has become an incessant and perpetuated activity. A careful scrutiny of all the conflicts taking place between countries, families, friends and business pals, divulges that acquisition of material things is at the bull’s eye of them all. For this reason, peace within the vicinity of man has become very indefinable and unachievable.

The real man in man knows no peace because he has deigned very low before the material things. These material things are the products of his profession. Based on this, material things have taken over the control of his life, and such pummels doom on him.

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The Earthly Things Are Superficial:

ProfessionNo wonder Jesus Christ rejected Satan’s advancement in offering Him the wealth of this earthly kingdom. Jesus can’t stoop low because the way to get these things is not by worshipping Satan. He understood where He came from and understands that He is valued than any earthly thing. Jesus understood that though He took an earthly vessel, his real value cannot be compared to the earthly vessel. And therefore, He controls the earthly vessel and dictates what happens around. The fact is that the products of man’s profession should not control him. That is why Jesus didn’t give in to whatever superficial pleasure earthly things can offer. He was not susceptible to the forces of the earth.

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This is exactly what man should do, man should stick to his internal and as well as his eternal value. Man should agree to the fact that he is worth more than anything his profession can offer him on this earth. That he is much better than whatever his hands can make for him. And of course he should not lower himself in the process of acquisition of any material thing on this earth. If all men can accept it, most, if not all the earthly conflicts will no more be in the world. Considering the fact these conflicts are as a result of man’s craving and susceptibleness to material things.

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