Ability: The Proper Evaluation Of Ability And Disability

Ability And Disability Of Man:

AbilityAbility and disability of man has become a typical way of describing a physically able and disabled man. And yet, on the contrary ability and disability does not truly represent the ideal description on either side. The fact to consider is that the physical body is actually the vessel housing the main man. And because of that, it is not putatively right to use it as a yardstick to accentuate on one’s ability.

The ability of a man is then the function of the dictates of the inner man. This is because it is the inner man that invigorates the physical man. And consequently, how strong this inner man is becomes the physical man and the reverse is the case.

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Ability The Essence and Reality Of Man:

However, if the physical body of the man is disable and the inner man remains intact, his ability is intact. This shows that the man who braces up with the essence and reality of who is; is not handicap. Though, his physical deportment and appearance entails something negative. This is because that inner imperceptible consciousness in him about who he is will certainly make a difference.

The manifestation is visible in the way and manner he handles issues of life.  In the same vein, if one’s physical body is whole and his inner man is weak, such an individual has no ability. There is no way he can be able to generate the necessary vigor to mobilize his body to do anything. Therefore, ability is a thing of the mind or inner man.

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The Determination Of Ability Is Not By Physical Observation:

There are many whose physical bodies are not able but their state doesn’t prevent them from achieving whatever they want to achieve. On the contrary, there are several individuals whose physical structures are whole but they can’t achieve their desires. Again this is possible because the man on the inside lacks the necessary vigor to trigger the body.

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It’s important to know that if the inner man is fine-tune to walk in the dictum of his Creator, the body will gain the necessary vigor and achievement will become possible. Ability therefore, connotes that readiness of the man’s inner man to recognize his source.

Ability Is Not Measured By Physical Achievement:

However, ability and disability cannot just be from the perspective of achievement. As a matter of fact, it should be from the side of one’s inner man alignment and inclination to his Creator. In that case, how better one’s inner man is connected to his Creator, will as well determine his ability. Here, the connection of the inner man to his Creator is weighed by the frequency and the adaptability of the inner man in working with the dictum of the Creator.

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That is, the level of inclination, faithfulness and trust of the man towards the diktats of his creator. This is what assures man’s ability. Any man whose inner man has incline and hitch its entire being to observing and obeying the dictum of his Creator has ability. The reality is that such a man is far from disability. Though on the contrary, physically, he has not achieve any tangible or material acquisition. A total commitment and submission to the will of his Creator’s ordinances and laws establishes faith in him and a faithful mind is able.

AbilitySpiritual Disconnection Means Disability:

Those who do not observe and obey the commands of their creator have disconnect their inner man from Him. And as a result they have become lawlessness themselves. Those whose inner man has been inundated in the scheme of going contrary to the will of God don’t have ability.  This is because such people will not avert the tendency of sin and so they become disabled spiritually. The spiritually disabled minds are the ones that really lack ability.

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 And this is regardless of how fit or unfit the physical appearance might be. Definitely, the assessment or evaluation of man should not be a thing done by mere physical observation. Because it’s not really the physical being that we perceive with our naked eyes that is the man. The man is that inner being that motivates and generates the functions of the physical man.

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