Church Killing: The Absurdity And Misconceptions About It – Pastor Chukwuemeka C. Asiegbu

Church Killing And Its Absurdity:

Church KillingChurch killing is a recent phenomenon ravaging the church world and it is taking a high dimension on daily basis. In the past, church killing is almost an evitable act. And better still is something that is rarely in existent. No one existing then can imagine that a scene like church killing would one day be recorded as actuality. To people who existed many decades ago, it will be like a fictional story or an imagination that is unattainable. This will be coming from the backdrop of the kind of regard people of those days have for Church.

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In those days, the church is held at high esteem and the notion is that it is a holy place. One dare not do anything that will pollute the sanctity and limpid nature of the Church and its premises. In many communities such will definitely amount to sacrilege. And believe it or not the family of the person involve will not be exculpated from his or her indictment. Once any person is indicted for a heinous crime such as Church killing, the community will respond accordingly. The responses for Church killing from the community either by body language or open declaration will definitely match the crime. The truth is that to Christians, the church is a hallow place and therefore, nothing justifies any killing in the church. Therefore, Church killing is absurd and unwarranted even in a case that the person in question is a confirmed criminal.

Church Killing The Truth About It:

The overt notion is that, the church is a place where sinners can come and seek refuge and be saved. So if there should be any killing of a sinner or a criminal such shouldn’t be in the Church. Church killing therefore, is unacceptable and should be discontinued; revengers and killers should take their killing from the church to elsewhere.

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However, it is not proper for us to shade away from the causes of Church killing. One of the things that have led to church killing is hatred. Just that someone hates people for being Christians he takes his gun and start shooting them in the Church. Some years ago, we heard of a teenager in America that walked into a Church and neutralized some of them. And because he was angry and hated Christians the only way to vent his anger is to carry out church killing. This is inappropriate because the people who are in the Church are just innocent people who shouldn’t be hated.

And in Nigeria for example, many church killings have taken place as a result of hatred from Islamic fanatics sects. On several occasions, many churches in Northern Nigeria have suffered guttural and brutal attack from these sects. Church killing for them is a fulfillment of their religious obligation, notwithstanding that the people killed are mortals as well. This negates any moral or religious justification they have. The truth is that human life cannot be equated to anything no matter what!

The Factors Behind Church Killing:

Another thing we cannot overlook is the factor of power. Many church killing takes place because certain elements in the church fold are hungry for power. There is this unfounded belief been established among people that human life gives power to perform miracles. Recently in the news we heard of church killing taking place in the church and fingers points at the ‘men of God’. Dead bodies have been excavated from the altars and foundations of church buildings because the man at the center wants power.

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These distasteful, absurd and shameful church killing takes place because the so called ‘men of God’ are ignorant of the truth. The source of power is not in shedding of human blood. There is no other source of power every believer should have except in the death of Christ. God killed himself in Christ for the believers to have power and outside that there’s no power.  Any power receive from the shedding of human blood is not from God and will never be from God!

Another thing we should consider that have led to church killing is envy. Many Christians, believers and men of God are at each other’s throat just because they hate and envy the progress of the other. Many have sent assassins to kill fellow believer and the killing take place in the church. The reason behind this action is because such individual’s ministry is progressing better than his or he’s preaching against what he preaches.

Misconception About The Meaning Of Calling:

Church KillingThis rotten character takes place because the people involve do not understand what it means to be in the ministry of Jesus Christ. They believe that they are running their personal businesses and therefore they have to muscle out every effort to protect it. In that case, killing the minister or the believer is seen as an answer to their moving forward in ministry or business. This uncouth understanding taking place in the Christian fold is unfortunate because it depicts that ignorance is on the throne.

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Another thing that has resulted into Church killing is misunderstanding of the meaning of the word calling. To many who are in the ministry, the word calling means to be rich and live larger than life, display opulent and aristocratic lifestyle. Recently, a young man was arrested for church killing.  His reason for killing the man of God was that he helped him to grow his ministry and he refused to reward him back. This truly explains the mindset people have as they join any ministry. Many have it in mind that their participation in a particular ministry means a helping hand to grow the ‘business’. Therefore, they expect a reward that is in proportion to the contribution they have made.

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This implies that the zealousness attached to the participation of some members in the church is not devotion to God. But a means to grovel for benefits from the church if not the man at the center should bear the consequence. Church killing should be shun and stopped because it is unnecessary!

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