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Fulani Herdsmen conflict:

Fulani herdsmen conflict has been among the major news making around in recent times. It has been at the center of major news bulletin both on TVs, radios and social media outlets. The Fulani herdsmen conflict has for some time generated tensed situation in Nigeria particularly. The record of casualties during any Fulani herdsmen conflict has always been on the high side.

The level of casualties incurred during any conflict generated by Fulani herdsmen, induces people to take some steps seen as negative. One of the options from the host communities is reprisal attack. The host communities think that the conflict from the Fulani herdsmen is very demeaning and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. Therefore, in order to quell such attack they have to respond accordingly.

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The Fulani herdsmen conflict is a recent and sudden development that was not there many years ago. The Fulani herdsmen of those days appear to be very simple and harmless to their host communities. The fact is that the Fulani herdsmen are migrants that migrate from one community to another. They control their animals with an ordinary wooden stick. However, in the recent times, the narrative has changed; they Fulani herdsmen are found carrying AK47 guns. Their carrying of these dangerous weapons has enabled them to unleash terror and horror on their host communities. Many host communities have been set ablaze and chased out and made homeless. Sometimes, it takes the intervention of security agents to reinstate them back to their lands.

Fulani Herdsmen ConflictThe Fulani Herdsmen Conflict Possible Causes:

However, notice that because of the nature of their job (transhumance) they don’t have permanent place to rear their animals. So, in order to search and get a place where the pasture is greener they have to move. In doing this oftentimes, they encroach into people’s farms and sometimes, the devastation cause by their animals is colossal. The situation is that no farmer takes it easy when his labour has been destroyed by an act of neglect from humans.

The hugeness of the lost is what prompts the response from the farmers who think that such encroachment should not be the case. The aftermath of any action that the farmers who are in most cases the host communities take is a combination of loss of human lives and properties. And unfortunately, this situation has been the case in recent times in Nigeria. And many are complaining that the government at the center is not doing much to help avert the situation.

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Religious Bigotry:

The Fulani herdsmen conflict has induced religious bigotry among the citizens of Nigeria. This is because the Fulani herdsmen are predominantly Muslims. And in most cases, the host communities are predominantly Christians. Therefore, the question has been, as Christians is it right or suitable for them (the Christians) to carry out reprisal attack?

In the video attached to this article, many people who are Christians were interviewed and they made their opinions known. Notice that because of the sensitive nature of this case is important we allow a scriptural injunction to be the umpire. Though, it might be hard to those that are Christians whatever the scripture says is final.

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