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Fakeness The Wrong Choice:

FakenessFakeness is nothing but deception. Notice that nothing can be compared to a life that is real. A life that is the way it should be. The kind of life that is void of imposturous disposition.  This kind of life can be well understood and interpreted by the commonest minds. Therefore, a life without fakeness is just and easy to work with, associate with, and deal with.

When a believer avoids fakeness and portrays his true nature, the ambiguity in his private and public life is demystified. The life without fakeness enhances marriage, true worship, governorship and every other human engagements. When a believer avoids fakeness in his life, it produces joyful relationship between him and others.

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Fakeness Is The Crux:

A closer look at any problem or uneasy situation in this world will reveal that fakeness is behind its existence. And this will continue to be the case even in the future. The result of deceitful and fake ways of life adopted by human beings is very devastating. Whenever there is war, chaos and some turbulent situations in any place, human fakeness is the crux of the matter. The colossal damage cause by this disposition would have been avoided if one is real.

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So when a believer appears to people without fakeness, people can always say that his life is simple to understand. This can help people to have the opportunity to make the choice to associate with him or not. For instance, if someone is a ruffian and it shows in everything that he does, it will be easy for people to associate with him the way he is. They will get the best result out of the association because they know him and can devise a means to work with him.

It Pays To Be Real:

On the other hand, it is going to be very difficult to associate with this ruffian if his fakeness is not revealed. At the end the other party will shed tears because initially they had given their trust to him thinking that he was what he portrayed himself to be.

This is the way it is when we get into relationships, marriages and business deals with deceptive identity. The truth is that deception will never produce anything peaceful at the end. The resultant effect of such associations is always break-ups, disappointments, violence, and the list goes on and on.

This kind of life recently has become synonymous with the life we live in our family and public settings, and worse to mention is our religious setting. We play pranks and fake ourselves virtually in everything to gain favour, position, honour, respect and to get rich.  Fakeness has become the order of the day in churches from the head to the lowest person. It is important to know that deception among believers is very detrimental to the life of Christ we possess. Therefore, the believers uniqueness manifests when they live a life that is void of lies.

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